Counting On: Josh Duggar’s Defense Team Passes Blame To His Employee

Counting On: Josh Duggar’s Defense Team Passes Blame To His EmployeeCounting On spoilers and updates tease that Josh Duggar’s legal team isn’t giving up without a fight. His lawyers are shifting the blame to one of his employees.

Fans may recall that Josh Duggar, whose family used to star in TLC’s Counting On show, was arrested recently and is facing charges for the possession of child pornography. The celebrity pleaded not guilty during his arraignment and his trial is set to begin in November.

The police took Josh in back on April 30. His desktop allegedly contains child pornographic materials, including more than 65 images and videos. His defense team is trying to have the case dismissed and now his lawyers want to shift the suspicion to one of Duggar’s employees.

Duggar’s Legal Team Slams Government

Duggar’s attorneys filed a motion to compel the prosecution to present them with the evidence against their client. These include undated screenshots, police reports, and other relevant discoveries. However, it seems like the prosecution has not granted their request but they believe they can access that information with the help of his computer forensics expert.

Josh’s Team Shifts Blame

In a report by Insider, the celebrity’s legal team is trying a new tactic and it’s to shift the blame to Witness #1, which is one of Duggar’s employees.

In an August 20 motion, his lawyers claimed that the federal agents were unable to “preserve any evidence” from the devices used by three other people who also had access to Duggar’s wireless internet connection at his car dealership in Arkansas.

They are now pinning the gruesome crime to Witness #1, which the police had interviewed on December 19. Based on the court documents, Witness #1 was considered by the federal agents as a person of interest. Duggar’s lawyers also argued that Witness #1 stayed at Duggar’s dealership without his knowledge or permission.

Counting On: Josh Duggar’s Defense Team Passes Blame To His Employee

Not only that, this person has admitted to watching pornographic websites on his phone, which he accessed using the internet connection at Duggar’s dealership. The federal agents argued that they found no evidence of child pornography in the phone of witness #1 but Duggar’s team said they should have preserved the phone’s content.

Two other witnesses were interviewed but just like the first one, the investigators didn’t find anything on their phones. Duggar’s lawyers slammed the federal agents for their failure to preserve any evidence from the phones of witnesses 2 and 3. They are requesting for the presiding judge Timothy Brooks to dismiss the case based on these grounds.

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