Duggar Family Spoilers: TLC’s Duggar Family Is Not As Close As They Used To Be

Duggar Family Spoilers: TLC’s Duggar Family Is Not As Close As They Used To BeDuggar Family Spoilers suggest that the TLC Alum Duggar Family is not nearly as close as they used to be. The family is finding it harder to ignore Josh Duggar’s legal issues and refuse to turn a blind eye to them.

Josh Duggar Is In Deep Trouble

The Duggar Family’s oldest son Josh has landed himself in deep trouble this time. During Josh’s virtual hearing the case was laid out for all to see. Special Agent Gerald Faulkner revealed that the downloaded material from 2019 was child sexual abuse images. Some of the images were of children ranging from 18 months to 12 years of age.

These downloads were so graphic that the seasoned agent said it was one of the worst five cases he had ever seen. There was also hardware installed to override the anti-pornography software on his computer. Duggar was arrested on April 29 by federal agents in Arkansas. Duggar is facing 25 years and up to $250,000 in fines.

This Has Created A Lot Of Stress

One source reveals that this has caused a lot of stress on the Duggar Family, however, some choose to act like it never happened. Jim Bob Duggar seems to be the worst for sweeping Josh’s shortcomings under the rug. Josh’s abuse of his sisters coming to light is what got their first show canceled in the first place.

Now, Josh has again got yet another show axed from TLC. Admitting to Josh’s shortcomings simply is not good for business. Not everyone is taking Jim Bob’s approach of sweeping this under the rug. Some of the Duggars have and will continue to speak out.

Duggar Family Spoilers: TLC’s Duggar Family Is Not As Close As They Used To Be

Some Family Members Have Distanced Themselves

In 2016, Jinger Vuolo, one of the sisters allegedly molested by Josh when he was fourteen, chose to move away with her husband Jeremy Vuolo and the couple currently reside in Los Angeles.

In 2017, Jill Dillard quit the Counting On series along with her husband Derek Dillard. Jill allegedly walked away for not getting paid for the show appearances. Jill has reported not seen her family in two years. Jinger and Jeremy admitted to being disturbed by the child pornography charges and demand justice for them.

Both Jim Bob and Michelle have chosen to stand behind their son. However, Josh is not allowed in the home where his children reside. Josh is staying with friends of his parents while on an ankle bracelet to monitor his comings and goings. Sources say that Josh is convinced that he is going to get out of these charges when his trial resumes in November.

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