DWTS Alum Tom Bergeron Reveals If He’ll Return To ABC Show For Season 30!

DWTS Alum Tom Bergeron Reveals If He'll Return To ABC Show For Season 30!Dancing With The Stars fans look forward to DWTS season 30. And with professional dancers plus a wide range of celebrity contestants recently announced, one key question remains. 

Will beloved former Dancing With The Stars host Tom Bergeron return to his role for the 30th season?

Find out what Bergeron just revealed plus more about season 30 of DWTS below!

Tom Bergeron Delights Instagram Fans With TV Surprise!

As host of Dancing With The Stars for many season, Tom Bergeron developed a devoted fan following on social media.

And now Bergeron has thrilled those fans with a surprising announcement.

Turning to Instagram, Tom shared his upcoming TV appearance. 

Will he host Dancing With The Stars season 30?

Not according to his social media post.

“Successful wardrobe fitting for next week’s sitcom guest spot. Everything fit despite pandemic IPA diet!” hinted Bergeron. 

And in addition to that clue about a sitcom rather than DWTS, Tom added a hint in his photo. 

The picture revealed that the former Dancing With The Stars host underwent his wardrobe fitting in the Edith Head building. 

That structure resides on the NBC Universal Studios lot, 

Tom Bergeron Fans React To Ex-DWTS Host’s TV Show News

Although fans expressed delight at Tom Bergeron’s return to TV, they also didn’t hold back in wanting him on Dancing With The Stars Season 30. 

“Wish instead you were announced as the returning host on DWTS!!!” responded one of Tom’s Instagram followers to his TV show news.

And fans also emphasized how much they long for Bergeron’s return to Dancing With The Stars for season 30.

“The [Dancing With The Stars] show is NOT the same without you! You are DWTS!” gushed the follower.

DWTS Alum Tom Bergeron Reveals If He'll Return To ABC Show For Season 30!

Others agreed. 

“[Tom Bergeron] is so missed! Unfortunately DWTS has turned into “The Tyra Banks’ Fashion Show”…I quit watching after a couple of weeks ☹️,” added another fan. 

Some got blunt in declaring that the producers should heed fans and send Tyra Banks out the exit door. 

“The producers clearly don’t listen to fans!” asserted one of Bergeron’s followers. 

“I sure was hoping you would return to DWTS,” agreed a fan. 

Tom Bergeron Tweets Important DWTS News To Followers!

In addition to his Instagram post, Bergeron shared an announcement about Dancing With The Stars on Twitter. 

And in that announcement, Tom added another clue about his upcoming sitcom appearance. 


“While I deeply appreciate your supportive texts & tweets, it’s been almost two years since I last hosted the dance show. Life goes on. I traded in the A for an N. I’ll BCing you soon,” tweeted Tom. 

Bergeron’s “A for an N” seems to refer to his exit from ABC, which houses DWTS, to NBC, which we assume will air the sitcom on which he guest stars

Which show will see the comeback of Tom on NBC? 

Tweet us your guesses! And be sure to check back on our site for all the news about Dancing With The Stars Season 30 and Tom Bergeron. 

  1. Sue says

    So glad to hear Tom is coming back to DWTS!
    The past two years have been a joke. Like a circus, with prancing around in various outfits! She had her own agenda!

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