How Old Is Amy Slaton Halterman From 1000 Lb. Sisters?

How Old Is Amy Slaton Halterman From 1000 Lb. Sisters?1000 Lb. Sisters Amy Slaton Halterman and her sister Tammy Slaton opened up their lives and homes on YouTube some time ago. Amy began sharing videos in January 2011. Amy’s fan base, which consists of 457,00 subscribers and her YouTube channel that has received over 48 million viewers, is what lead to the TLC series. How old is Amy and what was her life like before TLC?

Life Before TLC

1000 Lb. Sisters’ Amy was born October 28, 1987, making her 33 years old. Amy grew up in Dixon, Kentucky. Amy had a rough childhood at times, she’s often spoken about not receiving the attention she desired. Amy met her husband Michael Halterman while in high school. Amy and Michael married in Nashville, Tennessee on March 15, 2019.

Amy longed to be a mother for as long as she can remember. However, Amy had problems conceiving because of her weight. Although Amy and her sister Tammy often joked about their weight in their YouTube videos, Amy was not happy with her life. Amy decided it was time to make a change and have weight loss surgery to help with her desire to have a child. Amy’s surgery worked and she is now the proud mother of Gage Halterman who was born last fall.

Amy Still Helps Tammy

1000 Lb. Sisters’ Amy still helps her sister Tammy Slaton with everyday chores. Tammy weighed almost 700 pounds when she was last weighed in by her bariatric surgeon. Tammy needs to lose weight to have weight loss surgery herself. However, Tammy has chosen not to stick to the guidelines and lose the weight she needs to.

How Old Is Amy Slaton Halterman From 1000 Lb. Sisters?

Because Tammy cannot walk and do everyday chores like most people, Amy is there to help. Michael assists Tammy with chores as well. Amy will cook dinner and deliver it to Tammy. Michael takes out her garbage and does any manly chore that Tammy may need. Amy is the only one who will take the time and energy to do what Tammy needs to survive.

Amy Has The Best Of Both Worlds

1000 Lb. Sisters Amy has successfully managed to not only become a YouTube star but is a mom and a Reality Tv Star as well. Amy’s weight loss surgery turned out to be the best decision she ever made. Now Amy has the best of both worlds. Amy has the child she has always wanted and a huge social media following. Amy is one of the stars of a hit tv show as well.

Amy is well on her way to getting everything she wants out of life. Will Amy soon have her second child to make her life complete?

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