Married At First Sight Spoilers: Michaela And Zack Go From Top To The Worst Couple

Married At First Sight: Michaela Clark and Zack Freeman

Married at First Sight spoilers and updates tease that Michaela Clark and Zack Freeman were matched on season 13 of MAFS. At the wedding reception, these two seemed like they were going to be a terrific match, but that didn’t last long.

Married At First Sight Spoilers – Covid Hits MAFS

On their honeymoon, Zack was diagnosed with Covid-19, he had contracted it from a friend who he was with before the wedding. When Michaela found out she acted resentful as Zack did it intentionally just to ruin their honeymoon. After throwing a fit, Michaela left Key West and went back home. The other couples supported Zack, they would talk to him outside his balcony and throw beers up to him. She could have easily requested a room beside him and support him by speaking to him from one balcony to the other. Michaela did tell Zack that she doesn’t run away from her problems, but that is exactly what she did.

Married At First Sight Updates – Reunited Back Home

Finally, Zack and Michaela are reunited back home in their apartment and things continue to go downhill when exhausted Zack passes out on the couch, wakes up early, and takes the dogs to doggie daycare. What is crazy is that he said he told her the night before that he was taking the dogs in the morning and she got upset with him about it.

On Reddit, fans are calling her “Hurricane Michaela,” because of how she reacts to situations. Later this day, Michaela then went out and didn’t tell Zach where she was going, in retaliation, and later when he realized what she did, he laughed about it. What a short fuse! She did twice what she said she doesn’t do, run away from her problems.

The whole thing is confusing and has fans wondering what is going on with these two, one said, “Yeah this is the issue, they’re barely married, they’ve not even spent the entire time together and they still need to get to know each other. Instead, they’re acting like they’ve been together for years and bickering and then blabbing how they missed each other so much while Zach quarantined, it’s too weird,” and another, “there’s something they’re choosing to leave out about the doggy daycare incident, but we know all we need to know about these two already: he’s shifty, she’s unhinged.”

What do you think of Zack and Michaela? Do you think these two will make it, is all the drama editing?

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