Married At First Sight Spoilers: Season 13 One Wife Left Half Way Through?

Married At First Sight

Married at First Sight spoilers and updates tease that last night’s episode of season 13 was just a filler episode because one of the wives leaves her “matched” marriage halfway through.

Married At First Sight Spoilers – Stretching Out The Date Nights

We start with Michaela Clark and Zack Freeman, now that Zack and Michaela have consummated their marriage he just keeps talking about the ‘bees and the trees,’ and tells Michaela that they have fundamental differences. Now Michaela is guarded and her trust is down, no surprise

Bao Huong Hoang and Johnny Lam have dinner that she made, and we just get many references of the two having sex multiple times.

Brett and Ryan Ignasiak was just a sad, sad segment. She likes him, he doesn’t like her. That is it. Poor Brett reveals that she has butterflies and Ryan is simply not into her. He just needs to come out and tell her and stop wasting her time.

Rachel Gordillo and Jose San Miguel Jr. make coasters and participate in baby goat yoga. The two say the “L” word, but along with that revelation is another one, she cheated on a previous long-term relationship.

Married At First Sight Updates – Run, Myrla, Run

Myrla Feria and Gil Cuero should have never been matched. Myrla loves the finer things in life and has no shame and telling anyone about it. Gil on the other hand doesn’t care about money, doesn’t like to go out and spend money on dinner, prefers just to stay home and walk his dog. Myla hasn’t kissed Gil yet and no surprise there, all he does is make sarcastic comments about how bougie she is when she is actually very sweet and is a strong and confident woman with a great career and can afford to buy what she wants.

They go on a date night and she chooses a restaurant that she has been to one time before because she likes the “pretty drinks.” She looks nice and he wears a dusty old jean jacket to dinner and complains the whole time. She says she would love to go out with her husband twice a month for dinner and maybe on the weekends for brunch and he says no way, he wants to eat at home and thinks it is ridiculous to want to go out that much.

Gil is controlling and has nothing but criticize Myrla in every episode so far. MAFS fans have rumored that Mylra left halfway through the process. It could have been when Gil pulled out that Dollar Store lotion and massaged her feet, who knows. One thing for sure at that brunch, Gil was definitely friend-zoned. He is going to have to change if he wants a woman by his side. Myrla is sweet, funny and her so-called being “bougie” comes off as endearing. Going on to dinner twice a month and brunch on Sundays is not a lot, it is what a lot of people do in successful relationships.

In the end, Myrla is the smart one. She guarded her heart and went into her marriage very carefully, good for her.

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  1. Shania says

    Typical that this writer favors the bougie attitude of this chic … and no they should’ve never been matched he deserves so much better someone more down to earth if Myrla wants to be bougie she needs to find herself a bougie man

    The fact that this writer says that this man is controlling when he’s been trying to do nothing but please her and appease her awful attitude is telling… she didn’t like the hotel she criticized everything about everything but yet this writer says Gil criticizes her such lies, but that’s the world we live in people think just because they say it that makes it so, and others will follow but it’s a bunch of BS that lady is horrible and he definitely needs to be with somebody different so if she bounced in the middle of the show good riddance to her stuck up ass

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