Mykelti Padron Shares Updates And Milestones For Baby Avalon

Mykelti Padron Shares Updates And Milestones For Baby AvalonMykelti Padron, the daughter of Christine Brown and Kody on Sister Wives welcomed her daughter Avalon in April this year. The occasion made for only the third grandchild in the family, after Maddie Brush produced Axel and Evie-K. Mykelti and Tony seemed delighted with the new addition. This week, Avalon’s mom shared some cute updates and milestones.

Mykelti Padron And Tony Live In Utah, Far From Christine Brown

TLC fans recently heard that Christine Brown caught up with some of her kids in Utah at the Snowbird Oktoberfest. Aspyn and Mitch, Paedon, and Mykelti featured in a family photo. And yes, little Avalon starred in the center of it. Young Truely went along as well. These days, she’s the only child of Kody and Christine that remains at home with her mom in Flagstaff, Arizona.

When Sister Wives fans heard that Christine Brown put her home in Flagstaff on the market, they wondered if she planned to move closer to Mykelti Padron. After all, her grandaughter Avalon lives there, as do Paedon and Aspyn. These days, Ysabel relocated to North Carolina where she stays with Maddie Brown. She attends college there. Fans saw that in the last season, Christine approached Kody about moving to Utah.

Mykelti Padron Shares Photos And Updates Fans on Avalon

Taking to her Instagram twice in August, Mykelti shared plenty of photos of her cute daughter. One of them revealed that they took her to the beach. Her mom told Sister Wives fans, they took her there for “the first time and she LOVED the water and the waves.” She added that it was “an awesome experience.” That came when Avalon was five months old.

TV Shows Ace noted that Mykelti Brown shared some updated photos this week as well. They revealed that her little girl simply adores her stuffed toy, a monkey. Additonally, Avalon’s mom previously shared other watery adventures for her baby girl. Slightly younger than she is now, the cute kid enjoyed the swimming pool. Mykelti told Sister Wives fans that she was teething. 

Mykelti Padron Shares Updates And Milestones For Baby Avalon

Fortunately, the watery experience seemed to take Avalon’s mind off the pain in her mouth.

Other Milestones

In the same post, Mykelti Padron also mentioned that Avalon changed her eating habits a bit. She apparently prefers her bottle rather than breast milk from her mom. Next, the TLC alum said, “she likes the rubber texture.” It certainly looks like Christine Brown’s granddaughter is in good health and is hitting her milestones right on time. Already, the little girl gets a lot of fans who follow her for more cute photos and updates.

Be sure to catch up on everything happening with Mykelti Padron right now. Come back here often for more Sister Wives spoilers, news, and updates.

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