Sister Wives: Christine Brown And The Kids Meet Up In Utah

Sister Wives: Christine Brown And The Kids Meet Up In UtahSister Wives fans heard rumors that Christine Brown might return to Utah. However, it’s not clear that she actually moves there permanently. Nevertheless, she and the kids enjoyed a blast and she caught up with Paedon and Mykelti and the new grandchild this week. Gwendlyn wasn’t in the photo, but perhaps she was off chatting with friends.

Is Sister Wives Star Christine Brown Moving To Utah?

Rumors that Christine Brown moves to Utah started in the last season of the show. Fans saw that she raised the possibility of a move with Kody. However, he reminded her that the last time he suggested a move, the wives gave it the thumbs-down. Then, news arrived that she listed her Flagstaff home for sale, which added fuel to the rumor fire. More news came along shortly after that.

The Sister Wives star shared photos of a road trip with Ysabel and Truely. Naturally, fans assumed she went to Utah. However, it turned out that she merely relocated Ysabel to North Caroline. There, she attends college and lives with her half-sister, Maddie Brown Brush. After that, Kody’s third wife returned to Flagstaff for a short time before being spotted in Utah this week.

Sister Wives Family At The Oktoberfest In Utah

One of the reasons that fans thought might motivate Christine Brown to move to Utah involved her grown kids. It’s not clear, but it seems like Paedon her son lives there. Additionally, Mykleti and Tony Padron live in the state. Then, so do Aspyn and her husband Mitch. Perhaps the upcoming season of the TLC show throws more light on it. Whether a permanent move or just for fun, everyone looked very happy together at the Oktoberfest.

On September 6, the Sister Wives star shared her photo and Mitch looked happy with his giant glass of beer. Mykelti held her daughter Avalon. Paedon towered over the rest of them. In her caption, his mom wrote, “Having fun at Oktoberfest at Snowbird. Fun with Family! #oma #momlife #oktoberfest #snowbird.” Of course, lots of TLC fans asked where Kody was.

Sister Wives Christine Brown And The Kids Meet Up In Utah

Fans Comment On The Oktoberfest Photo

Fans of Christine Brown seemed very happy for her. Of course, they can’t miss how tall Paedon is. They also loved seeing Avalon. One fan wrote, “Holy pillsbury dough baby! That is a lot of squeezable cuteness. 🤍”Then another person commented, “I need all your secrets on being such an amazing mom. Your kids seem to adore you.”


Talking about the coronavirus, a TLC fan noted, “It’s so good to see you all getting back together. It’s been a crazy couple of yrs.”

Be sure to catch up on everything happening with Christine Brown right now. Come back here often for Sister Wives spoilers, news, and updates.

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