Sister Wives Spoilers: Christine Brown To Get Fired Amid Backlash?! [Video]

Sister Wives Spoilers: Christine Brown To Get Fired Amid Backlash?! [Video]Sister Wives fans look forward to new episodes of the polygamy-focused reality TV show. 

And that anticipation, for some, includes hate-watching certain stars. 

For several seasons, patriarch Kody Brown and his newest wife Robyn Brown have given viewers reasons to slam them.

But now a different cast member has come under fire.

Find out why Sister Wives fans have shifted from praising star Christine Brown to slamming her below!

Plus: Check out the video for additional details. 

How Did Christine Brown Go From Most Loved To Most Hated?

When Christine Brown began her reality TV career on Sister Wives, she seemed like the sweetest of Kody Brown’s four wives.

As a result, fans favored Christine for years.

And she earned praise on Instagram for her patience and kindness.

As a result of one decision, however, Christine has gotten slams from Sister Wives viewers. 

That decision involves her involvement with women’s clothing company LulaRoe, per Screen Rant.

Sister Wives Fans Blame Christine Brown For LulaRoe Scheme

The backlash now focused on Christine Brown began when the State of Washington’s Attorney General’s Office sued LuLaRoe. 

And the lawsuit specifically accused LuLaRoe of scamming employees in a pyramid scheme.

But that occurred in 2019.

And what’s new and has gotten Christine so much flack involves Amazon’s documentary series, titled “LuLaRich.”

As a result of the documentary, viewers stepped inside LuLaRoe.

And what they discovered shocked them.

For instance, those involved (including Christine Brown) face accusations of deceiving others.

Because of the deceit, Christine and others at the top allegedly profited. 

Inside ‘LuLaRich’: Watch The Video

Seeking more info on the allegations stemming from the Amazon documentary?

Watch the official trailer below.

In describing the documentary, Amazon bills it as “a true-con docuseries about LuLaRoe.”

And that description slams the women’s Internet clothing company for multiple reasons. 

For instance, LuLaRoe began as a “fast-growing retail phenomenon.”

But praise for the success then changed to slams.

As a result of investigations, the company got accused of setting up a “viral multi-level marketing scam.”

Sister Wives Spoilers: Christine Brown To Get Fired Amid Backlash?! [Video]

Christine Brown’s Daughter Defends LulaRoe Link!

But should Christine Brown get blamed for everything wrong with LuLaRoe?

As a result of the slams, the daughter of Christine Brown, Mykelti Padron, stepped up and spoke out. 

And that defense earned Mykelti her own backlash!

Why? Christine’s daughter has worn LuLaRoe attire herself.

And in responding, Mykelti seemingly implicated herself in the pyramid scheme.

“The drama on that documentary is old drama,” insisted Christine’s daughter about the Amazon documentary. 

“And… I’ve never lied about information,” added Mykelti.

A look at her Instagram reveals places where she included a LuLaRoe hashtag in her photo captions, such as this pic.

Will Sister Wives Star Christine Get Fired For LuLaRoe ‘Cult’?

The big question facing Sister Wives now involves Christine’s future on the show.

Could this Sister Wives get fired from the reality TV show for her involvement in the alleged pyramid scheme?

Networks increasingly react to criticism by firing those stars.

And that cancel culture gets heightened by those who repeatedly get bashed in headlines. 

In the wake of the Amazon documentary, for instance, the Guardian quoted a woman who got caught up in the scheme. 

That past employee recalled seeking information as she developed doubts about LulaRoe.

““You reach up inside the organization [for answers]. You don’t reach outside the organization for information or to have your questions answered. It’s very culty,” she accused.

What do you think? Should Sister Wives star Christine Brown get kicked off the show?

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