Sister Wives Star Meri Brown Finds Peace In Flagstaff

Sister Wives Star Meri Brown Finds Peace In FlagstaffSister Wives fans heard that Meri Brown took a vacation to Cancun, Mexico recently. It seemed well-deserved as she spent a lot of time running between her BNB in Parowan, Utah, and her home in Flagstaff. Actually, a lot of fans think she should just leave Kody and Flagstaff and move on. However, it now emerges that she really likes Flagstaff as she finds a lot of peace there.

Sister Wives Star Meri Brown Seems Happier But Felt Exhausted

Meri Brown and her friend Jenn Sulivan do a weekly live podcast on Instagram these days. Called Friday With Friends, it gains a lot of popularity. There, they see Meri and Jenn discuss everything under the sun. Usually, it comes with a lot of laughter. Fans are happy that she has a friend to cheer her up. Jenn manages her BNB temporarily, and that is useful as Meri also runs her LuLaRoe business and spends time in Flagstaff.  However, they try not to miss any episodes.

Sister Wives fans see that Meri juggles her life between two towns and two different states. So, no wonder they felt that her vacation to Cancun was well-deserved. Even with Jenn’s help. she clearly needed time to recharge her batteries. In fact, she elaborated on reaching her limits in a post on Instagram on September 15. She sounded utterly exhausted. Then, she also talked about finding peace in Flagstaff.

Sister Wives Fans Hear That Meri Vacationed And Likes Flagstaff

Meri Brown shared a photo of the sea and another one of the forests around Flagstaff. In her caption, she explained that she really just let herself go and lost a lot of stress at the ocean. Plus it sounded like she really need that trip away. She said, “A couple weeks ago, shortly before I left on my trip to Cancun, I was in an intense state of overwhelm. So many things to do, with my LuLaRoe business, with my B&B, with my personal life and relationships.”

After talking about how she relaxed by the sea, she turned her mind to Flagstaff. If you think the Sister Wives star hates it there, you’d be wrong. In fact, she said, “I’ve come home to Flagstaff, in the midst and majesty of the trees, to refill and refuel. When I need it, that’s where I go. That’s where I gather my strength.”

Finding Peace In Flagstaff

Meri Brown then explained that the oceans help to take away what needs to go. But the trees give her strength. She feels that “the mountains and trees are a place of peace and calm, to listen, to meditate, to gather my strength and be filled up, and when I leave them, I feel so full!

Sister Wives Star Meri Brown Finds Peace In Flagstaff

Talking about the forests around Flagstaff, she added that they make her feel “Full of life, full of energy, full of peace, full of joy! The trees are my happy place. Always have been, always will be!

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