Sister Wives Star Truely Visits Savanah For A Meal Under The Stars

Sister Wives Star Truely Visits Savanah For A Meal Under The StarsSister Wives fans know that these days, Truely Brown is the last of Christine and Kody’s kids who live at home. Well, at least she still has her half-sister Savannah Brown close by. While her mom might be super-jealous of the other wives in the polygamous family, the kids seem to get along just fine.

Sister Wives Star Savanah Lives With Her Mom Janelle

The years rush by and so many of the Brown kids left the nest. Janelle Brown moved into her RV soon after her son Garrison moved into his rebuilt trailer. As RVs are pushed for space, fans think that Gabe also moved out with his brother. Meanwhile, Maddie Brown Brush left home ages ago and she and Caleb live in North Carolina. Logan and Hunter also went their own way So for now, it seems that only Savanah stays with her mom.

Sister Wives fans heard that Janelle Brown moved into her RV after her rental home was listed for sale. A TLC fan suggested that Janelle consider living on the Coyote Pass property. Probably, nobody was more surprised than that practical-minded fan who saw that she did just that. This weekend, Truely visited with Savanah and it looked like they enjoyed a vacation-style meal under the stars.

Sister Wives Half Siblings Enjoy A Meal Around The Fire

Recently, Ysabel Brown moved to North Carolina for college. She stays there with Maddie Brown Brush. So, Christine said that Truely’s the only kid who lives with her now. Actually, apart from Robyn’s kids, all the rest of Truely and Savanah’s blood siblings left home. So, perhaps they miss the company of other family members.

Sister Wives fans know that Truely is about six years younger than Savanah, but she’s not a little girl anymore. Already, the young teen starts developing and growing with a hint of height like her sister Ysabel and brother Paedon. TLC fans know she adores her half-sister by Robyn, Ariella, but she’s only five. So, it looks like Truely and Savanah enjoyed their girl time together. This weekend, they enjoyed cooking under the stars at the RV.

Girl Time With sMores And Hot Dogs

Janelle shared a photo of the two girls out under the stars at Coyote Pass. She captioned it with, “Truely and Savanah. We had fun roasting hot dogs and making s’mores. Quintessential summer fun. It’s been fun to have so much opportunity to cook over the fire this summer.”

Sister Wives Star Truely Visits Savanah For A Meal Under The Stars

Soon, Janelle and Savanah leave the RV for the cooler months. It’s not clear where they move to, but she did say she intends to move back to Coyote Pass in the spring of 2022.

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