The Bold And The Beautiful Star John McCook Stuns Instagram TWICE With Eric Forrester Cuckold Plot Spoilers!

The Bold And The Beautiful Star John McCook Stuns Instagram TWICE With Eric Forrester Cuckold Plot Spoilers!The Bold And The Beautiful recently has faced criticism from fans over an unusual plot point.

The hotly debated story line features Eric Forrester (played by John McCook) suffering from erectile dysfunction (ED). 

But starring ED on a daytime soap opera doesn’t seem in itself to rile fans.

Instead, Eric’s decision to manage the situation by turning himself into a cuckold has. 

As a result of his ED, Eric encouraged his wife Quinn to enjoy an affair with her ex-lover Carter. 

And while The Bold And The Beautiful writers might have assumed fans would rally behind Eric and applaud his generosity, that’s not what happened. 

A backlash occurred, with viewers expressing anger and disdain for the cuckolding story arc.

First, find out how John McCook responded to the backlash on Instagram in a detailed “dressing room video.” 

And second, keep reading to see the Instagram spoiler photo that the Bold And The Beautiful star just posted!

John McCook Defends ‘Friend’ Eric Forrester

As the man behind the Bold And The Beautiful character of Eric Forrester, John McCook feels that Eric has become a friend.

And as a friend, McCook first turned to instagram defended Eric’s unusual decision.

In an Instagram video titled “Dressing Room Thoughts,” John acknowledged fans reacted in many different ways to the cuckold story arc. 

But he urged Bold And The Beautiful viewers to continue to watch and stay caught up in the “complicated story.”

Wait, what exactly did McCook mean by that?

As a result of Eric’s urging Quinn to hop from his bed into Carter’s (and back again), some fans think that the “complicated” reference means something is happening behind the scenes.

And John followed up with a second Instagram post that offered an even bigger clue. 

John McCook Teases ‘Eric’s Angels’ On Instagram!

The Bold And The Beautiful actor just stunned his Instagram followers with a very unexpected clue to what will happen next to Eric.

And his follow-up to that video offered a complete reversal for the fans who think that Eric has sacrificed himself for Quinn!

The Bold And The Beautiful Star John McCook Stuns Instagram TWICE With Eric Forrester Cuckold Plot Spoilers!

“Eric’s Angels. I do love my Logan girls♥️,” wrote John McCook in his Instagram pic.


As a result of that “love,” will The Bold And The Beautiful reveal Eric actually crafted that Carter-and-Quinn coupling to remove her from his life?!

And if so, that new Instagram post with the caption pointing out that Eric loves his “Logan girls” could offer a major spoiler. 

Eric Forrester To Turn To One Of His ‘Logan Girls’ For Love?!

If the caption is an indicator, Eric could find love (again) with one of the Logan girls. 

But will his heart get won by Donna, as fans seem to want?

Or will a different Logan girl win the day?

Tweet us your thoughts on what will happen next to Eric Forrester on The Bold And The Beautiful! 

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  1. Maryse Williams Williams says

    I read a lot of posts on the B&B. No one wants Eric to be with Donna!!! Everyone is sick of the Logan girls. Ridge is such a hypocrite. The Shiela, Paris storyline is so stupid. Come on writers, is this your best? One silly story after another.

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