The Duggars Spoilers: Josh Duggar Trial Information Updates – What We Know!

The Duggars Spoilers: Josh Duggar Trial Information Updates - What We Know!The Duggars spoilers reveal that Josh Duggar’s trial date has been updated and his fans are curious as to what will happen when he goes to court. His legal team is doing everything that they can in order to clear his name and they have even started to blame others in the case of the child pornography possession.

The Big Scandal

This is not the first big scandal that Josh has been involved in. He has a history of sexual assault and he admitted to cheating on his wife as well. He hasn’t given the Duggars a good name when it comes to his history and now it looks like his family’s show was canceled because of him. This is not a good look for Josh!

This new scandal shows that he was in possession of child pornography for years and it was found all over his electronic devices. It was even found on one of the computers that he used at his business. This is why he is blaming a former employee. He claims that he never used that computer for such purposes.

The Trial

Josh’s trial is set to take place on November 30 in Arkansas. There is plenty of solid evidence against him and if he is found guilty, he may be in prison for decades! He continues to claim that he is innocent and that he was questioned without a lawyer and his legal team wants that questioning thrown out.

Did Amy Duggar King Just Shade Anna And Josh

The first hearing of Josh’s trial will begin on October 4 and this is just when the legal teams show the court the evidence that they have for or against Josh. All of the motions will be talked about here and this helps to form stable evidence for the trial in November. It has been said that there will be no press allowed in the November trial, but we will have updates for you as we receive them.

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