Welcome To Plathville Spoilers: Max Tackles Moriah Over Skimpy Outfits

Welcome To Plathville Spoilers: Max Tackles Moriah Over Skimpy OutfitsWelcome To Plathville spoilers revealed that Max, Moriah Plath’s boyfriend seems to agree with some fans that sometimes Moriah goes over the top with slinky outfits. Actually, the sheltered farm girl is obviously feeling her oats when it comes to freedom and fashion. Now, Max discussed it with her, but in a nice way.

Welcome To Plathville – Max And Moriah Seem Solid

Although fans saw Max and Morah split briefly during Season 2 of the show, they soon picked it up again. Actually, they seem very solid together, and fans already wonder about marriage. Well, fans are aware that Max hasn’t proposed yet, but he did enlist the help of Olivia Plath to try and get a promise ring. Ironically though, it’s all the marriage problems and that Ethan and Olivia face that put her off the idea of marriage.

Welcome To Plathville fans noticed that on Instagram, Moriah Plath wears increasingly revealing clothes. Not that they troll on her too much. Nevertheless, some of them hate that she uses a lot of makeup and sports purple hair at the moment. Most of them love seeing her breaking out and dumping the dowdy outfits. However, some TLC fans do feel that a bit less of a reveal might be more appropriate.

Welcome To Plathville Star Max Tackles Moriah

On September 21, TLC shared a teaser for Season 3 on Instagram. In it, Max chatted with Moriah about her skimpy outfits. Nicely, he pointed out that he didn’t want to be critical of Moriah’s “fashion and vibe.” Actually, it seems that he really likes it. However, not in public places.

Max told the Welcome To Plathville star that she sometimes wears really short shorts and cutaway tank tops. It looks amazing, But still, he can’t relax if they go out. Continuing, he elaborated on how sometimes he might walk away, or visit the bathroom. But because she’s very “attractive,” there’s always a guy ready to try and get better acquainted by the time he returns.

Skimpy Outfits Advertising What’s Not For Sale

The TLC star then told Moriah that he feels a bit confused. After all, she’s “advertising what’s not for sale.”

Welcome To Plathville Spoilers Max Tackles Moriah For Skimpy Outfits

When Moriah said she’s not putting it out and people hit on her even if she covers up, he argued his point. Max feels that sometimes when she wears very short shorts, her “cheeks really do show.”

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