Welcome To Plathville Stars Micah And Olivia Plath Collab On Project

WTP-Micah Plath-1 Welcome To Plathville fans know that Micah was once a quiet farm boy and he morphed into a hot and hunky model. Meanwhile, Olivia Plath, who married Ethan, the eldest son of Barry and Kim, runs her own photography business. Now, the model and the photographer collaborated on a worthy project and TLC fans think it’s really stunning.

Welcome To Plathville Fans Think Micah Is Nice Eye-Candy

In Season 1 of the TLC show, fans saw that Olivia encouraged Micah toward his dream of becoming a model. Well, it all worked out and in Season 2, he’d moved out of his parents’ home. He started sharing some nice photos of himself modeling alongside some rather gorgeous women. Some of his posts reveal a hot and hunky young man who works out keeps his body immaculate.

Welcome To Plathville fans don’t know for sure what Ethan does, but they know he restores old cars and bikes. Meanwhile, Olivia runs her own photographic studio and specializes in wedding photography. In fact, before the coronavirus, most of her photos revealed the various places she traveled to for her clients. So, mix the two talented TLC stars together and you get something really awesome, fans agree.

Welcome To Plathville – Olivia Plath And The Collab

Micah took to his Instagram on September 8 and shared a photo of himself with puppies. Tanned, shirtless, and blonde, fans thought he looked good enough to eat. In a basket next to him, sat two puppies, and he held two others. In his caption, he explained, “2022 calendar is out now! A huge project @oliviamarieplath @thomasvillehumanesociety and myself just finished.

Welcome To Plathville Stars Micah And Olivia Plath Collab On Project

In his caption, the Welcome To Plathville star also told people that they can collect or order a calendar. Fans can find where to do that on the thomasvillehumane.org website. He added, “all of the proceeds helps pets find a loving home💕.” Of course,  a lot of fans commented on the photos and agreed it looked amazing.

Fans Comment On The Humane Society Calendar

One fan commented, “Can’t get any better than hot guys and puppies 🔥.” Then another fan wrote, “I want a calendar,” and another said they’d “take 10.” More comments came in like this one: “you both did amazing work!!! I know all of the adoptable 🐶🐱 will appreciate your efforts!” Actually, it looks like plenty of fans love the idea and the excellent quality. Hopefully, a lot of them buy the calendars to help those fur babies.


Olivia Plath confirmed the collab in the comments. She wrote, “Yay! So thrilled to see this come together and view the final project! Great teamwork Micah! 👏🏼”

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