1000-Lb Sisters Season 3 Spoilers: Tammy Slaton Faces HUGE New Weight Loss Diet Challenge Amid Food Addiction Rehab Rumors!

1000-Lb Sisters Season 3 Spoilers: Tammy Slaton Faces HUGE New Weight Loss Diet Challenge Amid Food Addiction Rehab Rumors!1000-Lb Sisters spoilers show that Tammy Slaton returns to the reality TV show for its third season. 

And while her sister Amy Slaton Halterman joins Tammy, those spoilers point to the older, single sister as facing the biggest challenge of her life!

Find out everything to know about season 3 of 1000-Lb Sisters below. 

1000-Lb Sisters Season 3: Tammy Slaton In Rehab!?

The first two season of 1000-Lb Sisters showed Amy Slaton Halterman and Tammy Slaton traveling very different paths.

As a result of her desire to get pregnant, Amy succeeded in winning her weight loss wars.

And this 1000-Lb Sisters star got rewarded with the birth of her precious son.

But Tammy repeatedly failed to follow in her young sister’s footsteps.

As a result, rumors have swirled that the 1000-Lb Sisters star had moved into a rehab center or assisted living facility.

Will season 3 of 1000-Lb Sisters reveal the truth?

Tammy Slaton Facing Weight Loss Diet Dilemma

In contrast to her sister, Tammy Slaton begins season 3 facing a major weight loss diet challenge.

As a result of her weight gain in previous episodes, the 1000-Lb Sisters star may need to show she’s willing to change in order to stay on the reality TV show.

And that brings us to those rehab rumors.

Repeatedly Tammy has denied such reports on both Instagram and TikTok.

But season 3 spoilers contradict Tammy, per Cheat Sheet.

Intriguingly, the teasers point to Slaton heading to rehab for food addiction treatment.

And that raises the question of whether Tammy can turn around her repeated weight loss diet failures.

What Happened In 1000-Lb Sisters Season 2?

To understand Tammy Slaton’s choices in the third season, let’s look at how she ended season 2.

The 1000-Lb Sisters star talked with her new physician, Dr. Eric Smith, after learning she gained more than 20 pounds rather than losing weight.

“I mean, sometimes I try to eat healthier,” Tammy defended herself. 

But she also confessed to getting derailed from her diet.

“And then other days I’m like, ‘What the heck’s the point?’ [I] just wasn’t doing what I needed to do,” admitted the 1000-Lb Sisters star. 

1000-Lb Sisters Season 3 Spoilers: Tammy Slaton Faces HUGE New Weight Loss Diet Challenge Amid Food Addiction Rehab Rumors!

Can Tammy Slaton Win Weight Loss Diet Challenge In Season 3?

As a result of that season 2 weight gain, Tammy Slaton knows she faces a serious challenge in the upcoming third season.

But the 1000-Lb Sisters star also recognizes that she needs help.

Slaton has admitted that when she cheats on her diet, she then feels more depressed.

How can the 1000-Lb Sisters star break that vicious cycle?

TLC hinted at major changes for Tammy in the 1000-Lb Sisters Season 3 premiere date announcement. 

Will Season 3 See Return Of BBW King Amid Tammy’s Rehab Stay?!

In revealing the season 3 premiere date, TLC also offered spoilers.

“With her weight spiraling, Tammy makes the game-changing decision to check herself into rehab for food addiction,” shared the network.

“But her stay there may be short-lived as she considers the best way to reach her goals.”

And TLC also hinted at the possible return of Tammy’s infamous love interest, known as the BBW King.

“She also appears to be talking to a new love interest, which is cause for concern for her family,” added TLC. 

Prior relationships have derailed Tammy from her diet. Will that happen again?

We’ll find out when the season 3 premiere episode airs on November 15 at 10 PM EST. 

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