1000-Lb Sisters Spoilers: Tammy Slaton Wants Fans to Stop This

1000-Lb Sisters Spoilers: Tammy Slaton Wants Fans to Stop 1000-Lb Sisters spoilers reveal that Tammy Slaton is a little irritated with some of her fans. She has started talking about how some of her fans are joking about her and she is getting tired of it. What is the one thing that they are joking about though?

The Big Joke

There are plenty of one-liners that fans of 1000-Lb Sisters share all the time. One of them came from Amy Halterman when she said, “I pay my bills, my bills are paid.” This one really had fans laughing when they first heard her say it on the show. This line was so popular that merchandise was made that used that quote!

It seems that Tammy is irritated about another joke that fans are making. In a recent TikTok video, Tammy explained to her fans, “Guys the bills paid joke isn’t funny anymore. It’s old. Everybody’s like Amy’s bills are paid, uh hello, my bills are paid too otherwise I wouldn’t be living on my own.” It is clear that Tammy is fed up with fans using the one-liner whenever they get a chance. It’s not amusing her at all.

Jealousy Issues?

From all of the episodes that we have seen with Tammy and Amy, it does seem that Tammy may have a little bit of a jealousy issue. According to her though, she loves her sister and there is no jealousy issue there. She does want to lose the same amount of weight, if not more that her sister has lost, but she wants to do it on her own time. This is another thing that she wishes fans would stop bringing up. She maintains that there is no jealousy there.

1000-Lb Sisters Spoilers: Tammy Slaton Wants Fans to Stop

As the third season of the show is starting soon, we are ready to see more of Amy and Tammy. For Tammy’s Sake, we hope that fans will stop doing the one thing that truly does bother her the most. We do know that there will be some even better one-liners this season!

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