19 Kids and Counting Spoilers: Amy Reveals Her History of Domestic Violence

19 Kids and Counting Spoilers: Amy Reveals Her History of Domestic Violence19 Kids and Counting spoilers reveal that Amy Duggar King, formerly on 19 Kids and Counting with her Duggar cousins, remains very popular with TLC fans. Firstly, she seems more open to discussing the clan than her cousins. Mind you, Jim Bob shuts that down sometimes. Secondly, she looks happily married, runs her own business, and raises her cute son Daxton. However, she revealed that in the past, she was a victim of domestic violence.

Amy Duggar King And Dillon Are Strong

19 Kids and Counting and Counting On fans need not fear that Amy suffered at the hands of Dillon. Actually, the couple looks to be in a very good place. Obviously, they go through hard times and have some difficult conversations from time to time. However, that’s all part and parcel of taking on a partner for life. Both of them run their own businesses and recently, they listed their home for sale.

Amy Duggar King revealed this week, that she once experienced really toxic relationships. Well, it comes not all that long after she posted about toxic people. Back in September, she wrote on near Instagram, “It’s OK to cut off toxic family for your own well being.” Fortunately, she seems to have cut off two men who boded badly for a life with them. The reveal came when she shared about Domestic Violence Awareness Month.

Amy Duggar King Confesses To Domestic Violence Experiences

In a long post, Dillon’s wife revealed two relationships that sounded simply awful. In fact, she had the good sense to get out of them very fast. She said about the first guy, “I dated a guy before I was married that was in oil. A lot of money and had a pretty big status around town.” Then she related how he lost it with her at a party after she corrected his retelling of a story.

Amy Duggar King related how he “grabbed [her] by the neck.” Additionally, he used her hair to bash her head against a wall. Later, when she tried apologizing, he became furious and broke a vase. According to Amy, she got out as he scared her. Plus, she couldn’t live with that sort of abuse.

Amy Duggar King Reveals Her Encounters With Domestic Violence

However, another abusive man entered her life. This time, he seemed neurotic about jealously and smashed the DVD and TV. In fact, he also raised his hand as if he were about to strike her.

Get Out Of Abusive Situations

Amy explained that she shared her story to help others in abusive situations. She urged her fans, “ If you are married or dating someone who threatens your security in any aspect LEAVE. Escape their wrath and their manipulation and control.

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