90 Day Fiance Fans React To Colt And Vanessa’s Bad Baby News

90 Day Fiance Fans React To Colt And Vanessa’s Bad Baby News90 Day Fiance fans heard in September this year that Colt Johnson and Vanessa Guerra married. Fans saw back in 90 Day Diaries, that Vanessa moved in with Colt who lives with his mom, Mother Debbie. Well, she announced that she planned on moving out to let them get on with it. And, clearly, they did. However, this week sad news arrived that Vanessa miscarried her baby.

90 Day Fiance Stars Vanessa And Colt Married

Things turned around dramatically for Colt Johnson. Fans knew that he and Vanessa started seeing each other. Recall, he first married Larissa Lima and that ended up in a divorce. TLC fans saw it play out in two seasons of the franchise. Later, he and Jess Caroline hooked up, but that ended. After he and Vanessa got together, sudden news arrived that they got married.  Actually, his mom, Mother Debbie seemed delighted at the news.

90 Day Fiance fans like Mother Debbie a lot. Although they initially hated her for mollycoddling her son, she became everyone’s favorite grandma. Well, the fact that she features on the upcoming 90 Day The Single Life spinoff makes fans very happy. However, their happiness dimmed when she spoke about Colt’s lost child. It came in a post that Colt shared on Instagram on October 11.

90 Day Fiance News – Colt Says Vanessa Lost A baby

On Monday this week, Colt took to his Instagram and shared the very sad news. It’s been a bad week for this sort of thing. Former Counting On star Jill Dillard also shared that she and Derick lost a baby recently. In a heartfelt message, Colt explained how happy they felt when Vanessa tested pregnant. However, she suffered a miscarriage. Some fans think they might have expected twins from what Colt said.

The 90 Day Fiance star wrote, “We recently discovered she was pregnant. This came about by surprise and really changed our perspective on life and our future.” Then, he talked about how “We started to think about a future with our child.” He added, “We both became really happy with the prospects and imaginations of sharing a life with them.” However, “they will no longer be joining us. It breaks my heart.”

90 Day Fiance Fans React To Colt And Vanessa's Bad Baby News

Mother Debbe also confirmed in the comments that Vanessa lost her baby. So, the use of the plural terms might just be typos. Or, perhaps he said that because they didn’t know the gender yet.

Fans Reacted in The Comments

TLC fans reached out to the family from 90 Day Fiance. Condolences and prayers went to Mother Debbie, Vanessa, and Colt. Here is a  small sample of those comments:

I’m so sorry Colt and Vanessa and Debbie!

😢Such sad news I’m sorry for your family.

So sorry colt and vanessa.

I have also been through this you guys are not alone praying for you both.”

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