90 Day: The Single Life Crossover With Sally Spectra Of Bold And The Beautiful?

90 Day: The Single Life Crossover With Sally Spectra Of Bold And The Beautiful?90 Day: The Single Life Season 2 comes on Discovery+ on November 12. Fans see that many past members of the TLC franchise return. They include Jesse Meester, Jeniffer Tarazona, Stephanie Matto, Syngin Colchester, Natalie Mordovtseva, and Big Ed. Colt Johnson’s mom Mother Debbie also features in the show. So, why talk about Sally Spectra?

90 Day: The Single Life Season 2 Doesn’t Mention Sally Spectra

Sally Spectra is a fictional character from The Bold and the Beautiful. The role of Sally was played by actress Darlene Conley. Mind you, fans of the long-running soap wouldn’t mind seeing something of her on the Discovery+ spinoff. In the show, Sally ran Spectra Creations in direct competition with the Forresters. Fans loved her for her outgoing and happy personality.

Well, Darlene, Sally’s actress passed away, so where does the crossover come in 90 Day: The Single Life? Well, it comes in a poster shared for the new season. There, fans saw someone with a remarkable likeness to Sally. Many fans didn’t even think they recognized her, and yet it turned out to be Mother Debbie. However, The Bold and the Beautiful fans spotted the resemblance.

90 Day: The Single Life Fans Discuss Mother Debbie Throwback

Below, you can see the poster by Discovery+ compared to Debbie today. It’s not clear if they cleaned up an old photo she owned or if they played around and photoshopped her. Below, you can also see the comparisons between a younger Debbie and Darlene, (Sally Spectra). The promo poster was shared on Instagram by 90 Day Fiance Update. The caption read, “Will you be watching Mother Debbie on ‘The Single Life’?”

90 Day The Single Life Crossover With Sally Spectra Of Bold And The Beautiful

90 Day: The Single Life fans commented, “God I did not even realize that was her. 😂 Plus, this comment arrived: “Yes! She looks simular (sic) to Sally Spectra from the Bold and the Beautiful who played her years ago 😍😂.” Well, other fans agreed that she does, indeed resemble The Bold and the Beautiful character.

Sally Spectra Look-Alike Fans Agree

In the replies to the comment about Sally, a 90 Day: The Single Life fan said, “that’s who I thought that was….lol.” This comment read: “omg yessss she does.” Another fan who agreed also noted that she also looked vaguely like the “female wrestler from the 80s…called GLOW .”

What do you think of the fans spotting Sally Spectra from The bold and the Beautiful in Mother Debbie’s promo poster? Do you agree that it reveals a remarkable likeness? Or, do you think she looks like someone else completely different? Sound off in the comments below.

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