Counting On: Amy Duggar Opens Up About The Duggar Family’s Dark Secrets?

Counting On: Amy Duggar Opens Up About The Duggar Family’s Dark Secrets?Counting On fans have been keeping their eyes close to the Duggars after an insider exposed their alleged dark past. According to reports, Josh Duggar is not the first Duggar to face jail time in case he gets imprisoned. Since then, fans have been trying to find answers if the rumors were true.

Until recently, Amy Duggar finally opens up about the dark past of the family. It also appears that she wants to expose Duggar’s wrongdoings and end Jim Bob Duggar’s media empire once and for all.

Counting On: Amy Dishes Duggars’ Dark Secrets?

In a Facebook post, a fan page of the Duggars shared their conversation with Amy Duggar. According to the page, they were so curious about the alleged dark past of the Duggars which is why they tried to ask Amy.

Luckily, Amy responded and opens up about her grandfather, Jimmy Lee Duggar. According to Amy, Jimmy did face jail time back in the days, which confirms that Jimmy was involved in a shady car deal.

Amy didn’t share further information about what really happened behind Jimmy’s arrest. According to Amy, she herself doesn’t know how it happened. Nevertheless, it’s clear to everyone that Josh Duggar is not the first Duggar who’s going to face jail time.

Amy Duggar Wants To End The Duggars Once and For All?

Counting On star Amy Duggar has been dubbed as the rebellious cousin of the Duggars. She’s been shading the family for years by sharing cryptic quotes online. Amy even took Instagram to ask her close cousin, Jill Duggar.

According to Amy, she’s planning to expose something that will shock everyone. Due to this, fans think that Amy is finally taking steps on taking down the shady family once and for all and expose their dirty secrets. Fans also think that Amy is more motivated on destroying the family after Josh Duggar’s child pornography arrest.

Counting On: Amy Duggar Opens Up About The Duggar Family’s Dark Secrets?

Counting On: Jim Bob Duggar & Michelle Duggar Trying Their Best To Distract The Fans?

Counting On stars Jim Bob Duggar and Michelle Duggar have yet to open up about the rumors about Jimmy Lee Duggar’s arrest in the past. However, it appears that they want to bury the past and never go back to it again.

Meanwhile, fans think that the two have been trying to distract the fans by sharing their recent travels with their younger kids. It also appears that they’ve been trying to avoid questions regarding Josh Duggar by turning off their comment section on Instagram.

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