Counting On Fans Drag Jeremiah Duggar’s Girlfriend’s Brother Nate

Counting On Fans Drag Jeremiah Duggar’s Girlfriend’s Brother NateCounting On fans know that sometimes, fundies crossover a lot in their relationships, and Jeremiah Duggar, like his sister Jana, is linked to the Wissman family. Jana Duggar previously sparked rumors of dating Lawson Bates. Later, fans thought she dated Stephen Wissmann. Then, rumors that Jeremiah possibly married Hannah Wissmann emerged. Finally, news came that Hannah’s brother, Nate, dates someone named Katrina Hope. Well, TLC fans dragged on Nate after he posted a photo of himself with Katrina.

Is Counting On Alum Jana Dating Stephen & Is Jeremiah Married?

The Duggar clan seems a lot quieter since Josh landed up arrested. However, even before TLC canned the show, the family became more secretive about which kids dated or courted people. For a long time, fans believed that Bringing Up Bates star Lawson Bates dated Jana. But, that fell away and he dates someone else now.

In the absence of info from Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar, rumors about the Counting On family spread far and wide. Rumors arose to the point where many fans believed that Jana dated Stephen Wissmann. In fact, whispers of an imminent marriage surfaced. Nevertheless, it ran cold, and nobody really knows what goes on. More rumors came and fans suspected that Jeremiah actually married Hannah Wissmann.

Counting On Rumors Nate, Jeremiah’s Rumored Girlfriend’s Brother

The Hollywood Gossip declared that a friend of Hannah Wissmann spoke up on Instagram. When Hannah shared a photo of  the headwaters of the Mississippi in August, the friend said, “Can’t believe this is where he proposed!!” So, fans suspected another Duggar marriage was about to happen.

Counting On fans heard in about June this year, that Hannah’s brother, Nate Wissman dates someone called Katrina. At the time, he shared a photo and wrote on Instagram, “Happy birthday miss Katty!!! I dream to someday be half as good at catching fish as you are! 😜.” This week, Nate shared a photo of himself with Katrina that got TLC fans dragging both of them.

Nate Is Dragged For ‘Weird’ Photo

On October 4, Katie Joy of Without A Crystal Ball screenshot the photo and shared it on Instagram She wrote, “Nate Wissmann, brother of Hannah Wissmann, Jeremiah Duggar’s girlfriend, just passively announced his girlfriend.” Then she added, “Nothing says a fundie courtship like matching guns & sweatshirts. Looks like his girlfriend might be from Minnesota. Well, it seemed like Katie was a bit late getting the memo as many fans already knew about the couple.

Counting On Fans Drag Jeremiah Duggar Girlfriend Brother Nate

TLC fans started dragging the couple for what some of them termed a “weird” pose. One of them commented, “Wtf is going on in this picture lol. That pose is so weird.” Then another one noted, “If they were at a gun range or out hunting with a cute quote…I’d be like aww. But they are in such an awkward weird pose.”

Similar comments rolled in about Jeremiah Duggar’s, girlfriend’s brother with Katrina. This one read: “Very odd photo.” What are your thoughts? Sound off in the comments below.

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