Is Counting On Alum Anna Duggar Delusional About Josh?

Is Counting On Alum Anna Duggar Delusional About Josh?Counting On fans just can’t get their heads around Anna Duggar. After all, she seems determined to remain a good and loyal wife to Josh. That comes despite the news that he sexually assaulted his younger sisters as a teen. Plus, he cheated on her and now faces the possibility of prison for alleged possession of child pornography. A disturbing source seems to indicate that she’s not only delusional about the possible outcome but seems obsessed with her man.

Counting On Alum Anna Duggar Blames Joe Biden

Josh brought along many moments where someone had to shoulder the blame for his actions. Jim Bob Duggar got bashed by fans for sweeping the molestation scandal under the carpet. Plus, many TLC fans blamed Josh’s latest arrest for child pornography on Jim as well. Meanwhile, rumors emerged that somehow, Jim Bob blames Anna Duggar for her husband’s current situation. Anna blames Joe Biden for it, and that sounds even more bizarre. Is nobody actually blaming Josh for his own failings?

Earlier this week, Counting On fans saw that Anna Duggar stepped out of court alongside her husband. Her smirky look made her seem ridiculous, fans agreed. Actually, for many fans, how she could smile seemed beyond belief. After all, the charges against him seem way horrifying. Still, that doesn’t stop her from spending most of her time with him. Fans suspect that she even farms out the kids so she can be with him at night.

Counting On Fans Suspect Anna Is Delusional

Cleveland Clinic describes a delusional person as suffering from a “serious mental illness.” The website explains that it happens when “a person cannot tell what is real from what is imagined.” Sometimes, fans think that is where Anna Duggar finds herself these days. It’s as if she can’t and won’t accept the possibility that Josh ever had the hots for tiny tots. Or for anyone actually, even though he confessed his porn addiciton.

Is Counting On Alum Anna Duggar Delusional About Josh

For many Counting On fans, Anna seems out of touch with reality. After all, if a mom lives with a guy who inappropriately touched hs sisters, cheated on her, confessed to loving porn, and faced serious pornography charges, they might start planning for life without their man. But that’s not the case with Anna Duggar. A source told The Sun that as the case drags on, the more convinced she is that her husband will be found innocent. In her mind, it will all “blow over” soon.

Why Does Anna Believe In The Innocence Of Josh?

Anna Duggar apparently believes that he couldn’t have committed the crime. “The family are so religious they are told it’s a sin to lie,” the source claimed. Well, if she’s delusional, then fans might think she also suffers from memory loss. Many fans might think that pornography, cheating, and sister-fiddling already qualified as sins.

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