Married At First Sight POLL: Who Is The Worst Husband In MAFS History?

Married At First Sight: Worst Husbands

Married at First Sight spoilers and updates that there have been a lot of bad husbands chosen as matches in the MAFS franchise. This week, one of the worst, Chris Williams from season 12 came out and said that he was handing over his title to Johnny Lam from season 13, “I’m so sorry that Bao is going through this, but Johnny can have the worst husband ever title in MAFS universe!!”

Married At First Sight Spoilers – Did Chris Williams have the ‘worst husband’ title?

Rewind back to MAFS season 2 and Ryan De Niro was pretty crappy. He would constantly yell at Jessica Castro who he was matched with, was intentionally cruel and threatened to kill her and her family. Jessica got a restraining order against him and ended that nightmare. Season 2 was a complete disaster, all couples have since divorced.

Luke Cuccurullo and Kate Sisk were matched on season 8 of MAFS and the moment Luke saw Kate, he said he was disappointed. And, when he kissed her, he said he felt “dead inside.” And just to add more unnecessary insult, he said he didn’t want to have sex with Kate, he just did to make her happy. He then called her repulsive and wanted her to lie on camera about their relationship.

On MAFS season 9 Matt Gwynne, an ex-professional basketball player was matched with Amber Bowles, a middle school teacher. Matt finally admitted at the Reunion Special that he knew within fifteen minutes that this marriage wouldn’t work. Instead of bowing out gracefully, he went to bars late at night without Amber and left with other women. Amber tried and tried to get a divorce, Matt drag her along but finally did sign those papers and set amber free.

In season 12 Chris Williams had sex with Paige Williams three times before telling her that he wasn’t attracted to her face, then he hit her with a bombshell, his ex-fiancé was six weeks pregnant.

In the current season, MAFS 12, Johnny Lam told Pastor Cal that he would have preferred being matched with “literally anyone else” except for Bao. He criticizes her constantly, doesn’t like what her face looks like when she is happy, He is vindictive, spiteful and it’s scary the way he clenches his jaw and fists with his veins popping out when he talks about his relationship with Bao.

All of these husbands have manipulated and disrespected their matches and are certainly candidates for ‘worst husband ever,’ they were condescending, arrogant, and lacked emotional maturity.

Married At First Sight Updates – What Do MAFS fans think?

Well there has been a lot of discussion in MAFS threads and fans are leaning towards Chris Williams keeping his title:

“Unless Johnny got his baby momma pregnant right before getting married… Chris still holds the title of worst husband ever.”

“Repo$$e$$ed will always #1, Ryan D #2, Matt #3 and Johnny has risen (sank) to #4. Matt, he is coming for you next. Expect vicious backstabbing, narcissism, condescension, arrogance with a hint of emotional & physical instability.”

“Not only will Chris NEVER relinquish the title of “Worst Husband in MAFS History”, but he might also usurp Jaime’s Otis’ title as “Most Desperate to Maintain the Spotlight” in MAFS history.”

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