Married At First Sight Spoilers: Bao Realizes She Devalued Herself For Man Not Worth Her Time

Married At First Sight: Bao Huong Hoang

Married at First Sight spoilers and updates tease that Bao Huong Hoang was matched with Johnny Lam on season 13 of MAFS. When Bao walked down the aisle and first got a glimpse at Johnny, she was surprised to see that she recognized the man with who she was matched with. Johnny and Bao hung around in some of the same circles when they were in college, she ended up inviting him to an art exhibit and he ghosted her. And that was a pretty good indication of what was to come.

Married At First Sight Spoilers – Making The Best Of The Situation

Even though Bao knew Johnny ghosted her, she was still attracted to him, and she at first thought the feelings were mutual. They two consummated the marriage and things just began to go downhill from there. Since then, Johnny has made condescending, hurtful comments about how Bao sucks at being his wife. He went on to tell Pastor Cal that he wanted to be married to virtually anyone except for Bao. And he told her, “you acting like a kid when happy is a turn and off.” He wants to squeeze every bit of happiness out of her. Regarding their dating a decade ago he told her, “why don’t you think we didn’t have a 2nd date when we were in college?” he just keeps keep hitting below the belt over and over again.

Married At First sight Updates – Bao Flips A Switch

At the couples retreat, Bao was not happy. Nobody deserves the treatment she is receiving from Johnny. Bao sits down with the other women, she feels envious when she hears about the relationships from the women. Bao finally speaks up and is brutally honest about her marriage, “I am disappointed about our marriage, but frankly I can be very specific, I am disappointed in Johnny. I am mad, I can’t help it, I am irritated. I’ve been very patient in the face of meanness but I have had enough. I got married because I wanted a husband, a life partner, I wanted to start a family one day. I want this whole future, I replay our arguments over and over again just to think about, am I triggering him, is it my fault that he is a big drama queen.”

She goes on to say she had a period of her childhood that was very dark and she said she would never be in that position again. And this past week, she realized that she did yield and back down so many times and it shocked her, she “devalued herself” and will not do that again. She will no longer be “disrespected by a man who is not worth her time.”

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  1. […] Bao Huong Hoang was matched with Johnny Lam, a “man-child” who admitted to having 100 first dates. And his only interest In Bao is tearing her down. In fact, we have seen him project all of his faults onto Bao. On “Unfiltered” Johnny put Bao down and was so mean. Even Pastor Cal called out Johnny this season for being mean to Bao. We never saw him do anything special for Bao or be kind or thoughtful to her in any way. Johnny needs a reality check. Bao is the best thing he will ever get, he is not a catch and his personality lacks attractiveness. […]

  2. […] Bao has been devoted, selfless, thoughtful, and resilient, despite Johnny’s constantly putting her down. Even with all the trash-talking that Johnny does about Bao, this season MAFS fans have seen nothing that matches up with what he is saying. She is calm during arguments and Johnny will say that she is explosive. He has come off as cruel and Bao has taken it all for the sake of making him happy and trying to work on their marriage. MAFS fans speak out, “Once she dared to trust him as her husband and relax enough around him to start being playful, he punished her by telling her how unattractive he thought it was. He reinforced every negative self-thought she had from her childhood about being not good enough or that there was something wrong with her. I honestly believe Johnny is pathological.” […]

  3. Hien Pham says

    The fact that after Johnny dated 100+ women yet he remained single speaks volumes. Watching him interacting with Bao would give you clues as why. He is mean, petty, sadistic yet narcissistic. I feel sorry for him as a miserable little man who will never find happiness or a stable long lasting marriage unless he seeks mental health treatment soon. Bao, like the rest of us, is not perfect but she shines as the more mature and sincere of the two. The fact that she admitted she had had a crush on him shows her honesty and simple mindedness. He doesn’t deserve her. She deserves better than that with her beauty, intelligence and (finally) good judgement when she dumped him walking away victoriously with her head held high. I wish her the best and all the happiness she deserves. To Johnny: bye, hope I never have to see your mean, below average look, and constipated face – ever. You spoiled my appetite while watching you over dinners.

  4. Susan says

    I loved Bao right from the start. She showed herself to be vulnerable. I don’t know how she endured all the terrible comments Johnny said right to her face. “I was never attracted to you, that’s why we never dated” or “I wish I was here with anybody else other than you”. I’m sure those aren’t word-for-word accurate, but that’s the gist of his comments. Those were so darn hurtful and downright hateful. Then when he said YES on Decision Day, I actually thought this “guy is nuts”. Why would he even consider staying for another week, when she repulses him that much? So proud of Bao for saying NO. I just saw that Bao is dating Zack. I think they’re both sensitive individuals that are looking for the the right one. I hope this works out for them.

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