Married At First Sight Spoilers: Jamie Otis’ Fall From Grace

Married At First Sight: Jamie Otis

Married at First Sight spoilers and updates tease that MAFS fans want Jamie Otis and her drama to stop.

Jamie Otis and Doug Hehner were matched on the very first season of MAFS. Jamie was no stranger to reality tv when she signed up for MAFS, she had previously appeared on The Bachelor and The Bachelor pad.

Married At First Sight Spoilers – Jamie Otis’ Descent

Jamie and Doug’s marriage problems are no secret, Jamie has posted them all over her Instagram for everyone to see. And now, if seeing a staged photo of she and her husband crying after a therapy session wasn’t bad enough, she went and reposted the same photo this week. Then she goes on and on about how she grew up poor in a trailer park, they had little food and the roof leaked and now she is selling off all her belongings and moving into an RV with her family of four! One fan said, “Wow! A couple with two small kids living in a camper? She needs to remove herself from social media and get some help. She’s in love with the attention but is it worth losing her family?”

Then there is the whole “my husband is ugly” comment she made at her wedding. MAFS fans will recall that after Jamie said her vows and left the altar, she huddled in a corner and cried because she thought her husband was ugly. And, she constantly brings it up, reminding Doug of that horrible moment. She even said on MAFS Unfiltered that she was “repulsed” by Doug when she met him! Yikes!

Married At First Sight Updates – MAFS Fans Have Had Enough

It has taken a long road to get to this moment, but fans want Jamie to leave the MAFS franchise and have someone else host their follow-up shows, “I hope the network releases her from all future hosting duties and anoints Gil (MAFS season 13) as a replacement. Reality tv should not be your job in life. Time to grow up.”

Granted life has not always been easy for Jamie, but moving away from the MAFS limelight might do her good. She basically had to raise her siblings because her mother was a mess. She should take a long break from social media, focus on her family and marriage, and continue therapy. Doug is not happy about the downsizing and having no privacy, not a good start to RV life!

There is a quick fix for Jamie. Sit down, stop traveling, stop posting on Instagram, make dinner at home, put the kids to bed every night, go to bed early and hug your family more. Simple, right?

What do you think of Jamie Otis? Are you a fan? Would like to see someone else host MAFS Unfiltered?

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  1. […] Married at First Sight spoilers and updates tease that Jamie Otis recently announced on her Instagram that she and husband Doug Hehner, who were matched on the very first season of MAFS, have decided to sell off their home and all its contents, to move into an RV with their two children and travel around, in the hopes of saving their marriage. […]

  2. […] Married at First Sight spoilers and updates tease that Jamie Otis has been ousted from Lifetime as the host of MAFS: Unfiltered after ten seasons. Jamie has often said that this was her “dream job” and rumor has it that she was fired as she herself said on her Instagram account that she found out “unexpectantly.” Jamie also appeared on the very first installment of Married At First Sight where she was matched with her husband, Doug Hehner and the two have appeared on MAFS Couples Cam together. According to her Instagram post, she gave her all to MAFS and they gave it back to her while she was involved with the franchise. […]

  3. Lisa Marie Allen says

    I’m sorry she’s no longer hosting Unfiltered. She had a great personality and was perfect for that role. Hopefully she’ll be back!

  4. Deb Roberts says

    Jamie was perfect for the job!!! How long did they dig to find some reason to let her go. Will no longer watch!!! Not worth watching!!!

    1. Suzanne R says

      I agree with the previous comments!! I think Jamie was a perfect host and I really liked unfiltered!! The new After Hours program is not as good and I don’t care for Keisha Knight Pulliam as host!

  5. Deb v says

    I agree. Jamie was a great host. She had the experiences that they had. I don’t believe they are telling the truth about why they let her go. I hope she sues them.

  6. Don says

    I love Jaime. She is a real person and has been there every step.
    What a bad play on MAFS. Going to boycott.

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