Married At First Sight Spoilers: MAFS Season 13 Secrets, Lies And Betrayal Before Decision Day

Married At First Sight: Bao Huong Hoang

Married at First Sight spoilers and updates tease that in Brenham, Texas on day 45 of marriage the couples left the retreat and headed back to the city. With Decision Day approaching fast they only have two weeks to decide if they want to get married or get a divorce.

Married At First Sight Spoilers – Lies

Rachel Gordillo and Jose San Miguel Jr meet with Dr. Pepper and she asked them if they feel they have shared what they need to share that they feel they are honest. Jose says he thinks they laid all the cards on the table. Little does he know that she hasn’t told him everything about the night that he locked her out. Later that night, Rachel tells Jose that when he locked her out, she called an ex-boyfriend, who answered the phone, and he is the one who picked her up and that is where she was that night.

Zack Freeman and Michaela Clark, after four days back and both meeting with Dr. Pepper Schwartz, at Zack’s request. He goes on to tell her that he was talking about getting a divorce but still dating and she freaked out. It was at that moment, he realized that he was done. With Zack’s permission, Michaela enters the room but she is not allowed to talk to Zack, she has to talk directly to Dr. Pepper who will be the only one to talk to Zack. Michaela basically says she doesn’t have outbursts and Zack has no proof, he walks out.

Married At First Sight Updates – Secrets And Betrayal

Bao Huong Hoang and Johnny Lam are home and you can cut the tension with a knife. The experts have them bring each other to where they were brought up. Bao’s visit is not positive, she shares her secret about how she grew up with a father who suffered from PTSD, and she starts crying, Johnny feels bad, he realizes that he hasn’t been treating her well. Then, the couple meets with Dr. Pepper and Johnny reveals that he just had a conversation with Bao’s friend Sara, behind her back, who told him that the reason his marriage was not working was that Bao was a controlling person who tries to break you down. That’s brutal. Bao says she feels betrayed by her friend and Johnny.

Brett and Ryan Ignasiak were doing well after he shared with her his life growing up, they ended the day with fishing and a picnic. When they got home, Brett told him that she didn’t want to share her life with him because she had just gotten a text from a friend that he was on a dating app and matched with someone she knows. He admits to downloading it that day, but it is not active now. She tells him they have one week left and he couldn’t wait to jump back in. She says she doesn’t think it is right, doesn’t line up with what he says about respect and he made it clear that it is a big deal for him.

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