Married At First Sight Spoilers: The Downfall Of Brett And Ryan

Married At First Sight: Brett and Ryan Ignasiak

Married at First Sight spoilers and updates tease that Brett and Ryan Ignasiak were matched on the 13th season of MAFS. At first, these two looked like they were going to hit it off, there was definitely an initial attraction between the two. Ryan said she was beautiful and looked like he genuinely meant it at their wedding.

Married At First Sight Spoilers – The Relationship Plateaus

Brett looked really happy to be in a committed relationship and went into wifey mode right away; quiet dinners, sweats, ponytails, no makeup. These are some of the best things about being in a series relationship, but when it is new, you want excitement and passion. And sadly, the passion wasn’t there for Ryan. Ryan didn’t make a move, Brett didn’t make a move; virtually nothing romantic after the honeymoon. Ryan’s sister even hinted that maybe there was another woman in his life because every time he acts disconnected there is someone distracting him, and that news only pushed Brett further away from Ryan. Looking back, when Brett was scared on the plane and of the manatees, it appeared to be the beginning of the end. He checked out right away, he didn’t feel it and never put any effort into the marriage.

Married At First Sight Updates – Too Little Too Late

At the couples retreat, Ryan realized that he needs to put in some effort and engage, but it was too late for Brett because she was feeling way too disconnected from him. Brett actually didn’t understand why Ryan was trying to connect, she was confused. And honestly, it was tough to believe Ryan at the point that he seriously wanted to give the marriage a go and re-engage with Brett. Dr. Pepper told Brett to be bold, but she didn’t take her advice, but this was after what Ryan’s sister revealed to her.

These two should not have been matched, what a waste of both of their time. And poor Brett had to deal with the passing of her dog Baxter during the filming of the show.

What do you think of Brett and Ryan? Do you think they could have done things differently to make their marriage a success?

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  1. […] Brett and Ryan Ignasiak were doing well after he shared with her his life growing up, they ended the day with fishing and a picnic. When they got home, Brett told him that she didn’t want to share her life with him because she had just gotten a text from a friend that he was on a dating app and matched with someone she knows. He admits to downloading it that day, but it is not active now. She tells him they have one week left and he couldn’t wait to jump back in. She says she doesn’t think it is right, doesn’t line up with what he says about respect and he made it clear that it is a big deal for him. […]

  2. […] Brett and Ryan Ignasiak were our number three, but they dropped down to the lowest of low rankings this week when Ryan was caught red-handed on a dating app and matching up with one of Brett’s friends, ouch! These two were boring a few days into the honeymoon until the present. Poor Brett has tried so hard but Ryan was too busy waiting for “feelings” to happen and missed out on a great woman. […]

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