My 600-Lb Life: Has 787-Lb Brianne Dias Won At Weight Loss? Instagram STUNS!

My 600-Lb Life: Has 787-Lb Brianne Dias Won At Weight Loss? Instagram STUNS!My 600-Lb Life has become known for showing the physical and emotional challenges involved in obesity.

And each episode seems to outdo past scenes in revealing the difficulty of dramatic weight loss.

As a result of the opportunity to qualify for weight loss surgery, TLC’s participants may think they’ve found a “free” way to shed serious pounds.

But as every episode reveals, going from 600-plus pounds to a healthy weight involves diet, exercise, and, in many cases, changing relationships with family and friends.

For instance, Brianne Dias shocked viewers when she first starred on My 600-Lb Life. 

Where is she now? Find out below!

‘My 600-Lb Life’ Star Brianne Dias Begins Her Journey

TLC chose Brianne Dias as a potential contestant for My 600-Lb Life due to her compelling history.

Qualifying as morbidly obese at 787 pounds, Brianne appeared on My 600-Lb Life in 2018, per the Sun

But this My 600-Lb Life star seemed determined to overcome any and all obstacles in order to qualify for high-risk gastric bypass surgery.

And Brianne bravely told viewers that she wanted more than weight loss.

For instance, the My 600-Lb Life star saw her slimmer self as a woman who could value her own self-worth. Add in renewed relationships and a feeling of freedom, and some thought Brianne faced impossible odds!

How Brianne’s Background Led Her To ‘My 600-Lb Life’!

My 600-Lb Life viewers sometimes feel they don’t understand how someone could gain so much weight.

But Brianne provided the exact details of what caused her to tip the scales at 787 pounds.

And as she discussed, she felt ignored by her family beginning when her siblings arrived in the world. 

In addition to experiencing weight problems from a young age, Brianne shared that her Air Force member dad criticized her size.

As a result of that criticism, Brianne felt emotionally humiliated.

And the weight began to pile on.

My 600-Lb Life Star Seeks Dr. Now’s Help

Finally, after realizing she weighed well over 700 pounds, Brianne sought help from famed weight loss specialist, Dr. Now.

And Brianne shared her heartbreak at the fact that her father had cut her off from any relationship!

But in true Dr. Now style, he laid down the weight loss law rather than comfort her.

And this famed physician issued  a warning.

Brianne learned that if she failed to win her weight loss war, she could end up stuck in bed for the rest of her life.

This 600-Lb Life Star Changed Her Life!

As a result of Dr. Now’s motivational warning, Brianne followed his strict diet.

And she did it!

Brianne lost nearly 400 pounds in obeying the directions that Dr. Now provided.

That weight loss qualified her for the gastric bypass surgery she desired.

In May 2021, Brianne shared that she lost a total of 500 pounds.

My 600-Lb Life: Has 787-Lb Brianne Dias Won At Weight Loss? Instagram STUNS!

How Has Brianne’s Life Changed Since My 600-Lb Life?

 In addition to Brianne’s weight loss, the My 600-Lb Life star divorced her husband.

And her relationship changes didn’t end there.

Brianne fell in love again, getting engaged for a second time!

That new love resulted in pregnancy, and Brianne has happily shared the baby bliss on her Instagram.

Sadly, though, the My 600-Lb Life shared that one of the twins she was expected passed away in the womb. 

My 600-Lb Life Star STUNS Instagram! 

So how does Brianne look after so many changes in her life? 

On her Instagram, the reality TV star shared a stunning photo of herself in a wedding gown. 

And Brianne even introduced her followers to the new man in her life after her proposal.

With a baby on the way and a wedding to attend, Brianne looks to have turned her life completely around since My 600-Lb Life! 

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