My 600-Lb Life Star Dr. Now Goes Viral With New Instagram Pic And Weight Loss Advice!

My 600-Lb Life Star Dr. Now Goes Viral With New Instagram Pic And Weight Loss Advice!My 600-Lb Life features a variety of obese individuals hoping to regain their health through weight loss surgery. And one man, Dr. Younan Nowzaradan, M.D., F.A.C.S., possesses the power to guide them on that journey. 

Known as Dr. Now, this weight loss physician/surgeon, has also become known for his social media passion. For instance, Dr. Now’s Instagram posts range from weight loss advice to his famous sayings. Find out why one of his posts just went viral below. Plus check out what you need to know about the new season of My 600-lb Life!

My 600-Lb Life Star Dr. Now Delights Instagram Followers

In a new Instagram post, Dr. Now proves that he practices what he preaches! The My 600-Lb Life star shared a viral photo in which he sits at a gym’s strength-training machine. Dressed in a casual shirt and sweat pants, the surgeon grits his teeth as he lifts the weights. 

But beyond that picture, Dr. Now offered up some general health tips in his caption. He urged his Instagram followers to “establish your goals.” In addition, the My 600-Lb Life star listed some ways to achieve those goals.  

“Create a lifestyle around those goals, make a plan on how you can support yourself and stay consistent,” wrote Dr. Now. “Find support and accountability. Tag an accountability partner/friend who will help support you in your goals. Remember: You have to do the work. Check your ego when they ask you about your progress. It’s because they want to see you achieve your goals. #drnowmd #weightlossjourney #weightlosstransformation #weightloss #reversingobesity #healthylifestyle #goals #workout #healthyeating #accountability #achieveyourgoals”

Dr. Now Tells My 600-Lb Life Fans How To Achieve Health Goals

In addition to that first inspiring photo, Dr. Now shared some health advice in a series of pics. The posters included helpful tips in response to a key question: “What are your health goals?”

My 600-Lb Life Star Dr. Now Goes Viral With New Instagram Pic And Weight Loss Advice!

  • “Create long-term healthy eating habits and exercise consistently,” advised Dr. Now. 
  • The My 600-Lb Life star also offered a sample response to the health goals question. “Establish a true lifestyle change, which will hopefully make me look and feel healthy.” 
  • And Dr. Now pointed out that by creating a lifestyle “around your goals, you will succeed!” In addition, he offered an example of how to modify your lifestyle for weight loss. For instance, for a busy person who doesn’t eat until very late at night, Dr. Now suggests planning meals in “downtime.”

When Does My 600-Lb Life Season 9 Premiere?

Can’t wait to see Dr. Now offering advice to My 600-Lb Life participants again?! You won’t need to wait long. Season 9 of My 600-Lb Life premieres on November 10, per People.

Each episode will follow an obese person for a year. The cameras will show participants getting honest about their health struggles and food addiction. Season 9’s first episode airs on Wednesday, November 10 at 8pm ET/PT on TLC.

What do you think of Dr. Now’s weight loss advice? Do you look forward to the new season of My 600-Lb Life? Share your views with us. And then check back on our site for all the news about the TLC reality TV show!

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