Seeking Sister Wife Spoilers: Sophie Winder Back On Pregnancy Track

Seeking Sister Wife Spoilers: Sophie Winder Back On Pregnancy TrackSeeking Sister Wife (SSW) spoilers show fans like Sophie Winder because she seems to really work at her friendship with Colton’s first wife Tami. Between the two women, they have two kids, and Sophie expects her second child in a few weeks’ time. Now, at 35 weeks pregnant, she shared on Instagram how it’s going for her.

Seeking Sister Wife Spoilers: Season 3 Was Controversial

The last season of the show on TLC enraged fans. In fact, some of them started a petition to remove the Snowden couple from the show. That came after Christeline from South Africa accused Dimitri of assaulting her. Well, the news later arrived that he and his wife Ashley split. Colton Winder also picked up some criticism because a lot of fans didn’t seem to get his dry sense of humor.

Then again, plenty of Seeking Sister Wife wife fans also fell in love with the Winder family. Actually, of all the couples, they seemed the most authentic. So, some fans suggested that they need their own show, like Kody, Meri, Janelle, Robyn, and Christine Brown on Sister Wives.

TLC fans even took it so far as to suggest that Meri Brown try out for the other polygamy show. After all, hardly any fans think Kody has an authentic polygamous marriage anymore. Of course, with Sophie expecting another child, fans hope for much more of the Winder family

Seeking Sister Wife Spoilers: Sophie Winder Updates Pregnancy News

Sophie fell pregnant with her first child, Ephraim. He’s a cute little boy, fans agree. However, she suffered from fertility issues and sometimes talks about that on her YouTube Vlog. TLC fans naturally felt so happy for her when she conceived again. Now, she expects a little girl. Unfortunately, she suffered some early labor pains. However, she told her Instagram fans that baby settled down, and it all looks on track again.

Seeking Sister Wife Spoilers Sophie Winder Back On Pregnancy Track

The Seeking Sister Wife star also joked that her baby girl might actually arrive after her due date. That’s because Ephraim seemed to prefer the comfort of the womb to the harsh reality of life on Earth.

Hopefully, she suffers no more complications, and baby Winder arrives on time, and in good health. A lot of SSW fans would love to see the new baby if Season 4 comes along.

Fans Comment On The Pregnancy Post

Taking to the comments section, one TLC fan wrote, “Hello from Finland , Europe 😊. You will be fine. ❤️ These situations are scary, but as you did, good spirit can be the best medicine❣️

Another fan also encouraged Sophie Winder, saying, “You look amazing she will come soon enough and bless your lives even more! Praying Tammy is able to conceive again soon you are such a beautiful family. ❤️🙏 with love from United Kingdom 🇬🇧.”

Be sure to catch up on everything happening with SSW right now. Come back here often for more Seeking Sister Wife spoilers, news, and updates.

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