Sister Wives Spoilers: Christine Brown Refers to Marriage as Dysfunctional

Sister Wives Spoilers: Christine Brown Refers to Marriage as DysfunctionalSister Wives spoilers reveal that Christine Brown has labeled her marriage to Kody Brown as dysfunctional and is seriously considering moving back to Utah instead of waiting until the houses are complete at Coyote Pass. This marriage has been in trouble since last season and now with the new trailer here, we have seen a lot of issues coming out in the Brown family.

Drama With the Marriages

In the trailer for the new season of Sister Wives, we will see the Brown family talking about how they want to be able to develop the land at Coyote Pass, but Meri Brown and Christine both have their thoughts elsewhere. They have both been thinking about moving back to Utah and now more than ever, this could come true.

Christine has already put her home up for sale in Arizona and she mentioned in the last season that Utah seemed very appealing to her right now. She talked about how COVID made her realize how much the Browns want to be a big family, but they aren’t anymore. The reality of COVID is that it has separated the family instead of bringing them closer together.

Are They Dysfunctional?

While the familly is sitting around talking about the land at Coyote Pass, Christine says, “Why would I want to live on the same property with a dysfunctional marriage where right over there, he’s got a full-functioning marriage? Who would ever want to live like that?” From the spoilers, it is clear that Christine is ready to move back to Utah and be done with Kody.

Sister Wives Spoilers: Christine Brown Refers to Marriage as Dysfunctional

The sister wives have all started to crack and it looks like Robyn Brown has started taking some serious backlash from them. They all think that she wants to be the head wife, but they no longer trust her and do not want her running the family. What is going to happen between the Brown family on the sixteenth season of the show?

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