Sister Wives Spoilers: Janelle Brown’s Daughter Savanah Hits Huge Milestone

Sister Wives Spoilers: Janelle Brown’s Daughter Savanah Hits Huge MilestoneSister Wives (SW) spoilers reveal star Janelle Brown goes through the feelings all moms feel when their little kids grow up, and right now, Savanah’s checking off her new milestones. TLC fans think she still lives at home with her mom in the RV at Coyote Pass. Now she approaches 17 years old, her fans seem shattered because suddenly, Janelle’s baby girl grew up.

Sister Wives Spoilers: Star Janelle Brown And Savanah

Savanah was the last-born child of Janelle and Kody. All this time, fans of the TLC show felt like she was still a baby, However, that’s clearly not the case. In September, Janelle shared a photo of Christine’s youngest daughter, Truely visiting at the RV. They sat out under the stars and enjoyed the fire and S’mores. From the photos, both girls clearly are no longer little girls. In fact, many SW fans commented on how big the kids look.

Sister Wives star Janelle Brown and her daughter also shared a few selfies of themselves together. Actually, Savanah seems quite private and a bit shy. So, it’s not often that fans see her on social media. However, lately, Savanah features a lot more. Just this last weekend, Janelle shared a photo of her pretty daughter attending her Homecoming. Many fans thought that she looked amazing in her classic retro outfit.

Sister Wives Spoilers: Star Savanah Brown Hits Another Big Milestone

On Thursday, October 7, Janelle Brown took to her Instagram and shared some news about Savanah. She posted up a photo of her driving. Then, in her caption, she said, “Driving lessons.”  Of course, SW fans reacted immediately, and so many of them couldn’t get over the fact that Savanah grew up. One of them said, “Is that the baby? How can she be old enough to drive?

Sister Wives Janelle Brown's Daughter Savanah Hits Huge Milestone

Well, yes, Sister Wives star Savanah really is driving even though it feels like minutes ago that she seemed like just a little kiddo on our screens. Other fans talked about the actual driving lessons. One fan noted, “2 important things her hands are on the wheel and she looks focused. Good luck!” Meanwhile, another fan recalled how her dad “wore a helmet” when she learned to drive,

More Comments From SW Fans

The post about Savanah by Janelle Brown generated a lot of interest and over 7k people liked it. One fan wrote, “Doesn’t this made you proud and sad at the same time? 🚙” Meanwhile another TLC follower commented, “Savannah driving oh my goodness she’s no longer a baby !!! Growing up so fast. ❤️” Meanwhile, others seemed shocked that she even sits behind a steering wheel.

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