Sister Wives Star Christine Brown Pays Tribute To Ysabel After Surgery

Sister Wives Star Christine Brown Pays Tribute To Ysabel After SurgerySister Wives (SW) fans know that Christine Brown accompanied her daughter Ysabel to New Jersey for her back surgery. She suffered from scoliosis for years and none of the back braces worked for her. Actually, fans saw her in tears on TLC. On September 30, Christine paid tribute to her daughter on the anniversary of her surgery.

Sister Wives Star Christine Brown Accompanied Ysabel

Fans knew that Ysabel went for her surgery ahead of the last season of the show. Via Christine’s Instagram, fans initially thought they went on a vacation. However, Gwendlyn later shared that they flew back in the first-class cabin after Ysabel was discharged. Fans of the show grew furious when Kody suggested she go for it all by herself. After all, it’s not like doctors just extracted a  tooth.

Sister Wives star Christine Brown seems very proud of her daughter for her resilience and strength. Actually, a lot changed for Ysabel recently. These days, she lives in North Carolina with her half-sister Maddie. There, she attends college, although it’s not clear what she actually studies. In fact, many fans think it might be a precursor to Christine also leaving Flagstaff.

Sister Wives Stra Shares About Ysabel’s Surgery

Christine Brown took to her Instagram on Thursday this week. She shared a photo of her daughter in her graduation dress. Then, in the caption, she spoke about her strength. Christine noted, “It’s been a year today since @ysabelpaigebrown got her Scoliosis surgery! She has always been so strong and has persevered with so much grace! I’m humbled and blessed to be her mom!

A lot of Sister Wives fans asked how Ysabel coped with the surgery. Meanwhile, others asked about post-surgical pain. Clearly, scoliosis is more widespread than most people know. The term means that people suffer from curvature of the spine. The Mayo Clinic reported that “severe scoliosis can be disabling. An especially severe spinal curve can reduce the amount of space within the chest, making it difficult for the lungs to function properly.”

Fans Comment on Ysabel Brown

Christine Brown received a lot of questions about Ysabel. Unfortunately, she didn’t reply. Some folks commented in general, and one fan wrote, “My son had his surgery this summer. There were some hiccups, but he’s doing well now.”

Sister Wives Star Christine Brown Pays Tribute To Ysabel After Surgery

Meanwhile, Ysabel’s brother, Paedon commented, “She is so badass.” Certainly, he seems very close to his sisters. The only son of Christine and Kody never misses an opportunity to like their posts, or comment on them. Lately, he shares a lot of photos of himself with his new niece, Avalon Padron.

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