Sister Wives Star Christine Sees The Ships Off Of Huntington Beach

Sister Wives Star Christine Sees The Ships Off Of Huntington BeachSister Wives, (SW) fans heard that Janelle and Christine Brown took a road trip together. Truely and Savanah went along with their moms. It’s not clear why they visit Southern California together, but it might have something to do with their business. She, Janelle, and Maddie Brown Brush all sell plant-based drinks these days. Anyway, she went to Huntington Beach and saw all the ships that can’t dock.

Sister Wives – Christine Brown Road Trips

The last few times that Christine traveled far from home, it turned out it wasn’t just for fun. In fact, several times fans thought she went on a vacation, and it turned out differently. You might recall that last year she took Truely and Gwen, plus Ysabel to New Jersey. It turned out that the trip was for Ysabel’s back surgery. Fans saw that in Season 15 of the show.

In August this year, the Sister Wives star took a road trip to drop off Ysabel with Maddie Brown Brush for college. So, potentially, her trip with Janelle to southern California might also involve something that will come to light later. Already, the two women shared several photos of the kids enjoying their time away from home. On Friday, October 15, Christine shared a photo of herself at Huntington Beach.

Sister Wives Star Christine Shares The Ships At Huntington Beach

The photo that Christine shared revealed her on the beach. She said that Truely was enjoying the water that day. In the distance, a lot of ships could be seen waiting to dock. In her caption, Kody’s third wife wondered about the crews. She wrote, “Seriously loving the beach today with @truelygracebrown .check out all the ships in the harbor that can’t get [in]. Do the people on board just stay living on the boat while they can’t get in and unload their cargo?

Sister Wives Star Christine Sees The Ships Off Of Huntington Beach

Fans of sister Wives commented about the ships. Some TLC fans seem to know a lot about it and probably live there. One of them wrote, “the crew onboard are not allowed ashore as long as the ship hasn’t docked. A lot of bored crew members on those ships for sure. They are probably doing a lot of maintenance work. Meanwhile, another fan noted, “Once in port, the dock workers unload the vessels. Some of the crew members are foreign-born and not allowed on US land.

Well, some Sister Wives fans unfamiliar with the situation about ships in the USA wondered why so many of them anchor off-shore. A few fans suggested that the docks suffer from a shortage of workers because of COVID-19. Meanwhile, a few people blamed President Joe Biden’s policies for the backlog.

What Caused The Shipping Delays?

Freight Waves cited Hapag-Lloyd as stating that “Terminals are working with limited labor and split shifts.” The outlet also reported that there’s been a surge in imported goods from China this year.

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