Teen Mom 2 Spoilers: Fans Love Jenelle Evans And Her Catfish

Teen Mom 2 Spoilers: Fans Love Jenelle Evans And Her CatfishTeen Mom 2 spoilers show that trolling star Jenelle Evans almost seemed like a national sport but these days, fans ease up a bit. The MTV star brought complaints and at one stage, MTV talked about no place for her. When she finally left, ironically, in years to come, the ratings for the show plummeted. These days, as she tries so hard to raise her kids, many fans miss her on TV and they commented nicely when she shared a photo of her catfish.

Teen Mom 2 Spoilers: Jenelle Evans Turns Out To Be A Keeper

For many fans, when the reality star hooked up with David Evans, she made a tragic mistake. Not that she’d never made them before. And let’s be honest, she made some very questionable choices. However, she worked hard on her marriage and recently celebrated six years since they met.

Teen Mom 2 alum Jenelle Evans also gets kudos for the way she parents her kids these days. In fact, some fans fully believe that she gives them the best life. Naturally, a lot of headlines still report the negative sides to the rather complex woman. However, hate and ugliness sell. So, it’s refreshing to see so many fans feel happy for her these days.

Teen Mom 2 Spoilers: Fans See A Photo Of Jenelle With Her Catfish

Jenelle Evans often posts up photos and video clips of herself with David Eason and the kids. Loyal fans just love the life she gives them. They mess about in boats and visit beaches. Plus, they go down to the river. This week, she shared a photo of a big catfish that she caught. Sharing two photos, she wrote, “Caught a catfish over the weekend at the river! Ensley’s face in the second pic… honestly I was just as scared as her. 😂🎣”

Teen Mom 2 fans reacted to the photo of the fish, Ensley, who looks like a mini-me, and  Jenelle Evans’ figure. She wore a two-piece swimming suit that caught the eye of many people. Plus, she looked curvy and all in proportion. Actually, for some fans, she proves that people don’t need to be skinny to look good.

Teen Mom 2 Spoilers: Curvy Look Gets The Love

Jenelle Evans fans commented about how good the MTV alum looks. One of them said, “Okay ms. ma’am you look great! 😍🔥.” Then another fan gushed, “you’re looking great Jenelle you lost a lot of weight.” Similar comments arrive like this one: “You look fantastic!! People need to stop hating because you have like the perfect body and look great! 🙌”

Teen Mom 2 Fans Love Jenelle Evans With Her Catchfish

Naturally, trolls slipped in a few nasty comments, as if feeling obliged to do so. However, most people just loved the way she looked. One of them noted, “Girl please tell us your secret to look so great !!! You look like you’ve lost weight, you always looked great btw ❤️.”

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