Welcome To Plathville Spoilers: Will Lydia Plath Leave Home Next?

Welcome To Plathville Spoilers: Will Lydia Plath Leave Home Next?Welcome To Plathville spoilers and speculation point towards Lydia Plath in Season 3. Recall, Moriah and her bother Micah fled the nest as they couldn’t take the heavy restrictions by Kim and Barry. Clearly, despite that, they are as restrictive as ever with the kids who remain at home. So, will Lydia also try and escape from them?

Welcome To Plathville Spoilers Revealed Lydia Plath In Trouble

One of the major storylines this season has been the issues between Ethan and Olivia. She wants to leave Cairo and move to a big city. Many fans think Ethan should go with her. Meanwhile, others think they should get a divorce. But poor Lydia sits on the minds of TLC fans right now. Recall, she started texting a boy that she met on retreat. Well, Kim and Barry hated that and told her to stop.

Welcome To Plathville spoilers revealed that Lydia Plath was outed when her mom, Kim snooped through her phone. The teenager agreed that she was wrong by texting her friend and she talked about how she felt terrible because she betrayed their trust. Actually, TLC fans think she is way too restricted as she just does what any normal teen would do. So, many of them think that sooner later, she might rebel like Moriah.

Welcome To Plathville Teaser For The Finale Gets Fans Speculating

Lydia Plath wasn’t in the Instagram clip that teased the finale. However, a lot of fans discussed Lydia. That’s because it revealed Moriah and Micah when they left home. One fan said, “With everything that happened with the oldest children now there, (sic) doing the same with there (sic) other daughter.” The fan added, “Let her live her life. shes always crying trying to make her parents proud of her…Omg…she can’t even text the boy.”

Welcome To Plathville Spoilers Will Lydia Leave Home Next

Other Welcome To Plathville fans also started chatting about Lydia. One of them wrote, “The 17 year old will be the next one to move out. They put so much guilt in her because she likes a boy. Typical teenager, interested in normal teenager things. And they make it like it’s a bad thing.” However, in the replies to that comment, one person thought Lydia might not flee the nest. It read: “I don’t think she will for a while. She seems more brain washed than the others.”

What Are Your Thoughts?

Do you think that Welcome To Plathville star Lydia Plath might become fed up and leave home like Micah and Moriah? Or, is she way too compliant and brainwashed by Kim and Barry? Sound off your thoughts in the comments below.

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  1. Linette Davis says

    I hope she does leave home like her older siblings did.The problem with these people is they’re trying to force their kids to live the life they planned for them.If I had had half the guts the older Plath kids have when I was younger I wouldn’t be where I am today.Lydia did nothing wrong it’s the parents who did wrong.You don’t go looking at people’s phones even if it’s your child.That’s private.

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