1000-LB Sisters Makes Fans Feels Very Sad Emotions

1000-LB Sisters Makes Fans Feels Very Sad Emotions1000-LB Sisters Season 3 premieres this coming Monday and TLC obviously hypes up the season now. Teasers and spoilers revealed that a lot of it focuses on Tammy. Recall, last season, a lot of time was dedicated to Amy who expected her son Gage. They also saw that Tammy’s boyfriend enabled her eating and her brother Chris did way better at losing weight than Tammy. Now fans fear that soon, Tammy will pass away so, foreboding and bad emotions fill them.

1000-LB Sisters Season 10 Spoilers

Some spoilers emerged via Amy Halterman. However, that mostly points towards the fact that her son Gage meets his milestones and seems very healthy. Once, she did mention that she’s concerned with Tammy and described her as the “Titanic sinking slowly.” Well, fans fear that she is sinking and might possibly pass away soon. Recall, it’s been a few years since doctors told her she was on the road to premature death.

1000-LB Sisters fans will see that Tammy still looks way overweight. Actually, it sadly looks like her brother Chris battled to keep his weight down in-between seasons. Mind you, teasers do tend to skew things so fans think they know but then they don’t. So far, things look grim for Tammy who seems even bigger than in Season 2. bear in mind, her health also took a knock as she fell ill with COVID-19.

1000-LB Sisters Fans Feel Terribly Sad

Many folks slam those who comment on Tammy’s weight as if it’s body shaming. However, for most people, it is motivated by a generally caring concern. After all, it’s not unusual for folks who suffer from obesity to pass away. One can hardly blame fans for seeming anxious. After all, they seem quite amusing and fans do enjoy that both Tammy and Amy seem able to laugh at themselves.

1000-LB Sisters Makes Fans Feels Very Sad Emotions

TLC dropped a reminder on Instagram that the 1000-LB Sisters show premieres soon. Their caption read,Nothing like some family fun! Watch an all new season of #1000lbSisters MONDAY at 10/9c.” The sisters can be amusing, but in the comments, fans rather wish that Tammy would become more serious about improving her health. 

Fans Comment About Sadness And Foreboding

1000-LB Sisters fans took the comments and one of them said, “I hope tammy gets the help she needs.” Then another one noted, “Foolish show if the biggest one doesn’t lose weight soon she will not be here much longer sad😢😢😢😢.” This comment also arrived: “Haven’t these sisters been trying to lose their weight for years now? Sometimes I wonder if they haven’t just to keep the show going. Sad!!”

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