1000-LB Sisters Star Amy Halterman Celebrates Gage Turning One

1000-LB Sisters Star Amy Halterman Celebrates Gage Turning One1000-LB Sisters fans first met Amy Halterman back in Season 1 of the TLC show. Obese, but not as large as her sister Tammy, they embarked on a  journey of weight loss together. Amy was much more successful than Tammy, and she qualified for gastric surgery. In Season 2, she carried their first baby. Finally, fans saw that she welcomed little Gage into her life. Now, it seems incredible, but he just turned one.

1000-LB Sisters Mom Amy Shares Lots of Photos Of Gage

After Gage arrived, a lot of fans slammed Amy for being a bad parent. Mostly, they seemed very unhappy as his bedding looked dirty. Well, the little boy obviously survived that and he flourished. As the months went by, she posted up lots of photos of her son. Fans saw him go through all the stages of feeding, sitting, and whatnot. One of her recent photos showed Gage dressed up in a cute Nightmare Before Christmas outfit.

The 1000-LB Sisters star seemed very blessed that she fell pregnant and gave birth to her son. After all, she was previously too large to safely carry a baby. Then, she fell pregnant before she reached her optimum weight target. So, fans saw her land up in the hospital. However, Gage survived and fans agree that he’s very cute. Earlier this month, she shared a pic of her boy all dressed up as a tiny cowboy and that got fans gushing.

1000-LB Sisters – Baby Gage Tuns One

Taking to her Instagram on November 10, Amy showed Gage looking at the camera with his big eyes. He sucked on his pacifier, and fans could see Amy behind him. In her loving message, she wrote, “Screaming happy 1st birthday.” Then she added, “To my wonderful son. We love u more then (sic) you realize.” She told her fans that he is “kind sweet and [a] little bit of [a] rebel.”

1000-LB Sisters Star Amy Halterman Celebrates Gage Turning One

Amy feels very “proud” and of course, honored to be his mom. The 1000-LB Sisters star ended by saying, “Dada and i love you so much. You are our heart and soul…” Actually, yes, he is. They moved house and in Season 16, fans will see how that goes down with Tammy. Recall, Tammy is very demanding of her sister’s time and some folks think she is jealous of Gage.

Fans Comment on Gage

1000-LB Sisters fans love nothing more than a baby like most TLC fans. So, they took to the comments and congratulated cute Gage and his mom. One of them wrote, “He’s Michaels double!! happy birthday!” Meanwhile, over a thousand other people wished the kid a wonderful day.

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