Alaskan Bush People: Will Matt Brown Return for Season 13

Alaskan Bush People: Will Matt Brown Return for Season 13Alaskan Bush People spoilers and updates tease that fans are wondering whether Matt Brown will return for the show’s ongoing season 13. The latest season captured the moments before Billy Brown’s death and how his family coped with his passing. Many viewers are wondering if Matt will finally come back to the show and reunite with the wolf pack.

The Browns Mourn Billy’s Death

Viewers of the show saw the Browns mourn the loss of their family patriarch. Billy Brown died due to an unexpected seizure back in February 2021 at the age of 68 years old.

But some people are wondering where the eldest Brown sibling is. Many of them are wondering if the rest of the Browns will finally have a reunion and help each other get through all challenges they are facing at the moment.

Matt’s Personal Issues

Matt had a rocky relationship with his parents, Ami and Billy. It all started when he got hooked on drugs and got cut off from the show after season 8. But his mother and father told him that he can always come back once he’s sober.

In 2019, Matt went to rehab at Betty Ford in the Palm Springs area. He’s been AWOL from the show since then, which led to him getting laid off from the reality TV series.

Sexual Assault Allegations against Matt

But his addiction wasn’t the only problem. Some fans believe that Matt left the show because of sexual assault claims. He had two sexual misconduct claims back in 2018 and the two alleged victims filed charges separately to LAPD’s Tonga Division with a two-day gap. During these incidents, Matt was allegedly under the influence of alcohol. The cases were handed to the DA but were not prosecuted further.

Alaskan Bush People: Will Matt Brown Return for Season 13

Matt Remains Silent About Father’s Death

Matt or the rest of the Browns did not confirm these allegations. He just maintained a low profile since these controversies erupted. He doesn’t share much on social media like in his Instagram and YouTube accounts except for minor updates about his life. He has not addressed the death of his father or mentioned anything about the show. There’s no confirmation so far that he’s returning to the show. Fans need to stay tuned for further updates.

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