Bear Brown Responds to Accusations that Alaskan Bush People is Fake

Bear Brown Responds to Accusations that Alaskan Bush People is FakeAlaskan Bush People spoilers and updates tease that Bear Brown has addressed accusations that the show is fake. The reality TV celebrity is shocked that some people would think that way and he had to say something about that.

The show has a lot of loyal fans but there are also those who dismiss it as scripted and fake. A lot of fans have expressed their opinion. In most cases, fans who are in favor of the show defend it from those who are bad-mouthing it. This time, Bear has finally answered those long-standing criticisms.

What Started the Claims that the Show is Fake?

There are many reasons why some fans would think that the show is fake. Many of the locals, who live in the area where the Browns claim their living, alleged that the family didn’t really live in the wilderness of Alaska.

When Ami Brown, their matriarch, got sick, they had to move so she could be closer to her medical facilities. Despite being close to establishments, facilities, and other essential services, they were unable to save their father, Billy, who died early this year.

Bear’s Reaction to Fake Claims

When asked about these fake claims, Bear was shocked that there are still people who believe that.

“You would think after seeing so many hardships and how our real-life problems alter the entire direction of the show that it’s pretty obvious how real it is,” he explained.

“If anyone is still in denial and just can’t accept the truth, all I have to say is, ‘what is hard to believe?’” he continued.

Bear Brown Responds to Accusations that Alaskan Bush People is Fake

Bird’s Decision to Return to Alaska

Some of the remaining Browns may not be in Alaska now but there are a few who are thinking of returning home. Bird, to be more specific, has admitted that she’s unhappy in Washington.

She plans to return to Alaska and return to their former lifestyle. She’s a very private person and doesn’t update her fans as to where she’s staying. What will happen to the show if Bird proceeds with plans to go home?

It’s been a tough year for the Browns. They had to deal with a massive wildfire and cope with the death of their father back in early February, and address the lawsuit filed against Billy’s estate.

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