Counting On Critics Slam Jim Bob And Michelle Duggar Over ‘Cancel Culture’

Counting On Critics Slam Jim Bob And Michelle Duggar Over ‘Cancel Culture’Counting On fans half-expected that TJC would cancel Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar’s TV show after the arrest of Josh. Actually, the network did but only after an outcry and delay. Now, it seems that the patriarch of the Duggar family misses the whole point as to why they were canceled. The couple seems to think that it’s all the fault of folks who hate Christianity who use cancel culture to shut them down.

Counting On – Josh Was Arrested And The Show Canceled

Soon, Josh stands trial on some very serious charges involving pornography and children. Fans seemed unsurprised as he already admitted that he sexually assaulted some of his younger sisters and another little girl. That was a long time ago now, but fans always felt if Jim Bob Duggar had done something concrete then, that he might not have reoffended. Instead, they shipped him off to a church program for a while.

In fact, the behavior of Josh caused the original cancellation of 19 Kid and Counting. So, fans can’t get over the inference that anti-Christians and cancel culture ended Counting On. They also couldn’t get ever how the family seems to not understand the gravity of the allegations against Josh. When the news arrived that Jim Bob plans on running for the Arkansas Senate, fans couldn’t believe his audacity.

Counting On Couple Slam Anti-Christians And Cancel Culture

On the Duggar Family Offical account on Facebook, Michelle recommended a book called We Will Not Be Silenced. Under it, an extension read, “Responding Courageously To Our Culture’s Assault On Christianity.” Many people roasted them as they took it as though the parents of Josh are excusing their son again, and blaming everyone else for their misfortunes.

Counting On Critics Slam Jim Bob And Michelle Duggar Over 'Cancel Culture'
Duggar Family Official | facebook

The post by the Counting On matriarch was soon screenshot and shared on Instagram. Katie Joy from Without A Crystal Ball posted it and wrote, “Michelle Duggar thinks her family is being silenced because they are Christians.” She also pointed out, “This comes only a week after Jim Bob Duggar blamed Cancel Culture for pushing his family out of the spotlight. He said “cancel culture” wants them to shrink away because of a ‘family crisis.”

TLC Fans Slam Jim Bob And Michelle

Counting On fans took to the comments on Instagram and slammed both of the older Duggars. One of them said, “What makes him think his family DESERVES to be in the spotlight? So much for humility!” Then another one roasted them saying, “The fact that this is constantly going over their heads is very concerning.”

Jim Bob and Michelle facebook post
Image Credit Duggar family Official via Without A Crystal Ball | Instagram

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