Counting On: Things Are Looking Bad For Josh Duggar

Counting On: Things Are Looking Bad For Josh DuggarCounting On fans have been watching Josh Duggar over the recent months. It’s known that Josh Duggar is currently facing child pornography charges. According to reports, Josh and his team have been trying their best to dismiss the case.

However, Josh has been failing on his defenses and fans think that he’s on the verge of getting imprisoned. Furthermore, reports claimed that Josh’s sentence may raise even further after prosecutors plan to open his past molestation case.

Counting On: Josh Duggar Updates

According to reports, the prosecutors on Josh Duggar’s child porn case are planning to open his past molestation case. Apparently, Josh shocked the world after reports claimed that he molested his younger sisters back in 2006. However, Josh was never charged with any crimes and fans think that it’s due to Jim Bob Duggar.

Now, times have changed and it seems that the world is looking at Jim Bob and Josh. At this point, Jim Bob has yet to open up about his son’s current situation. However, fans think that it’s not looking good for Josh, especially if the prosecutors were able to bring up his past molestation case.

Josh’s Controversial Past

Aside from his molestation and child porn cases, Counting On fans have seen other horrible things that Josh Duggar did in the past. One of which is when he admitted that he used an online dating site and cheat on his wife, Anna Duggar.

However, it seems that nothing happened between Anna and Josh as they still lived a normal life after his sins. There are also reports stating that Anna is taking Josh’s side during his recent troubles with the law, which made a lot of fans upset.

Counting On: Things Are Looking Bad For Josh Duggar

Counting On: Jim Bob Duggar Runs For Senate Amid Son’s Troubles With The Law

Counting On star Jim Bob Duggar recently went headlines after announcing that he’s running for Senate in Arkansas. Jim Bob’s announcement also comes amid his son Josh Duggar’s child porn case, which made a lot of fans furious.

According to some, Jim Bob might use the power to free his son. There are also reports stating that Jim Bob has been funding Josh’s defense despite knowing his crimes. Meanwhile, none of the family members have shown support to Jim Bob’s candidacy, which puzzles many.

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