Does Sister Wives Star Maddie Brown Brush Like Ysabel Living With Her?

Does Sister Wives Star Maddie Brown Brush Like Ysabel Living With Her?Sister Wives fans heard that Christine Brown sent her daughter Ysabel to live with Maddie Brown Brush in North Carolina. It came soon after Maddie and Caleb purchased a nice big house there. Since then, fans heard that Kody and Christine split, so that might account for the move. But how does Maddie like having her half-sister stay with her? It’s not always easy when relatives move in.

Sister Wives Fans Heard About Ysabel In North Carolina

Ysabel Brown is one of the six children born to Kody and Christine. Her siblings include Mykelti, who married Tony Padron.  Aspyn Thompson lives in Utah. Her sister Gwendlyn is 20 now, and presumably at college somewhere. Truely is the youngest and still lives with her mom. Then, her only brother, Paedon seems like a gentle giant and stays sweet with the whole family. When Christine shared about Ysabel moving to Maddie’s place, fans heard that it was to attend college there.

Sister Wives fans saw in Season15, that Kody told Christine that Ysabel should fly to New Jersey to undergo back surgery by herself. Furious fans thought it was so wrong as she was only about 16 at the time. So, when they heard that Ysabel moved, they presumed she didn’t want to be around her dad. However, Season 16 reveals big family issues. Plus, Christine and Kody announced their separation. These days Christine lives in Utah.

Sister Wives Star Ysabel With Maddie Brown Brush

On August 12, Maddie took to her Instagram and shared the news about Ysabel. She wrote, “Added another Brown to our East Coast tribe! YSABEL IS MOVING IN!! 🎉” Ysabel also shared the news on her Instagram, as did her mom, Christine. This week, Maddie did a Q&A and fans asked a lot of questions. She answered a fan who questioned her about her half-sister. The fan wrote, “How is it having Ysabel there?”

Does Sister Wives Star Maddie Brown Brush Like Ysabel Living With Her

The Sister Wives star replied to her fan, saying, “We love it!” Well, that sounds nice for Ysabel and probably, the kids love her as well. Little Axel and his sister Evie seem to be outgoing and friendly kids. Actually, the kids in the extended family always grew up close to each other. After all, the other wives all treat all the kids like their own. So, probably Maddie and Ysabel are used to sharing their living space with other people.

Janelle Brown Visits Over Thanksgiving

Sister Wives fans also heard from Maddie recently, that her mom, Janelle plans on spending time with them in North Carolina as well. They will cook and spend the day with friends.

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