Little People Big World Alum Audrey Shares Photos, Bode Looks Unsure Of Radley

Little People Big World Alum Audrey Shares Photos, Bode Looks Unsure Of RadleyLittle People, Big World fans heard that Audrey Roloff’s new baby arrived safely on November 8. Radley Knight Roloff was born on November 8 at 6:32 a.m. TLC fans quickly fell in love with little Radley as she was quick to post up photos of the newest child. On Monday, she shared more photos and clips, and his big brother, Bode looked a bit unsure of his sibling.

Little People, Big World Alum Audrey Roloff Shares Bode & Radley

Unfortunately, although Radley arrived safe and sound, Audrey experienced the same problem with feeding as she did with Amber and Bode. She told her fans on Instagram that she suffers from breast engorgement. That means that she produces too much milk for the demands of her child. Actually, it can become very uncomfortable for the mom who finds herself in that situation. Often it can cause inflammation and mastitis. So, she asked fans for prayers.

Already well-versed in life as a new mom, the Little People, Big World alum already welcomed Bode and Ember. Audrey shared how she copes one week into postpartum life. She said that she likes to drink “Golden Milk.” If you don’t know, it’s fortified and flavored with helpful spices. On her Instagram, she also shared a clip and some photos of Bode with his baby brother. He’s a cute little kid, and very bright. Perhaps he will be happier once Radley can play with him, Actually, he looked a bit unsure of his sibling

Little People, Big World – Bode Sits With His Brother

Obviously, Audrey makes sure that Ember and Bode get to spend time with her and with their new sibling. In one shot, Bide sat with Radley on his mom’s lap. He didn’t smile and seemed rather serious. However, in the next clip, he slowly started patting his bother and smiled a bit. Clearly, someone off-screen encouraged him.

Little People Big World Alum Audrey Shares Photos, Bode Looks Unsure Of Radley

It’s not unusual for kids to take a bit of time to get used to a new baby. After all, the Little People, Big World baby probably seems singularly uninteresting at Bode’s age. However, in time, he probably warms to him and becomes a protective big brother. Once Radley starts doing more than eating and sleeping, he might be able to better interact with Bode. For now, including him in quality time with his little brother seems the right way to go.

Audrey Looks After Herself After The Birth

The Little People, Big World alum also suggested that new moms book themselves some time at the spa after they deliver their child. Childbirth, no matter how wonderful, can leave mom exhausted and not feeling her best.

Be sure to catch up on everything happening with the Roloff family right now. Come back here often for more Little People, Big World spoilers, news, and updates.

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