Married At First Sight POLL: MAFS Season 13, Team Bao or Team Johnny?

Married At First Sight: Team Bao Huong Hoang and Team Jonny Lam.

Married at First Sight spoilers and updates tease that fans have become very divided when it comes to Team Bao Huong Hoang or Team Jonny Lam.

Married At First Sight Spoilers – Bao

Bao has been devoted, selfless, thoughtful, and resilient, despite Johnny’s constantly putting her down. Even with all the trash-talking that Johnny does about Bao, this season MAFS fans have seen nothing that matches up with what he is saying. She is calm during arguments and Johnny will say that she is explosive. He has come off as cruel and Bao has taken it all for the sake of making him happy and trying to work on their marriage. MAFS fans speak out, “Once she dared to trust him as her husband and relax enough around him to start being playful, he punished her by telling her how unattractive he thought it was. He reinforced every negative self-thought she had from her childhood about being not good enough or that there was something wrong with her. I honestly believe Johnny is pathological.”

Married At First Sight Updates – Johnny

Johnny constantly tells Bao that she has to change and makes himself out to look like a victim. He told her he didn’t like how she was giddy and acted “childlike” when she was happy about something. He uninvited her to a family gettogether and left her in the apartment alone.

He told her that there was a reason he ghosted her a decade ago and he was still not that “into” her. In front of Pastor Cal, he said that he wished he was matched with virtually anyone else other than Bao. Pastor Cal even called out Johnny for being mean to Bao. He wants flirting texts throughout the day, but “spontaneous” sex. He went to Bao’s friend Sarah behind Bao’s back, to discuss their relationship issues.

MAFS fans speak out, “Johnny is a master manipulator and uses his facial expressions to his benefit. For example, while talking to Dr. Pepper, he looks down and puts on this glum expression so she feels sorry for him despite the fact he’s an abusive person who enjoys belittling and tearing Bao down. Sure Dr. Pepper called him out but not enough in my book.”

Which team are you on? Answer our poll above and have your say. Is there any tiny, slim, even remote chance that these two will make it past decision day?

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  1. […] Johnny was matched with Bao Huong Hoang and when she walked down the aisle she recognized him because he had gaslighted her over a decade earlier. And now, Bao has wasted precious months in an emotionally abusive relationship only to find out that not only was her matched husband the enemy but so was her best friend of twenty years. […]

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