Married At First Sight Spoilers: For Better Or For Worse – Myrla and Gil

Married At First Sight: Myrla and Gil

Married at First Sight spoilers and updates tease that eight weeks ago the experts chose to match five couples to be married at first sight; One of them was Myrla Feria and Gil Cuero. Now the time has finally come, to choose each other or divorce. This one decision will impact their lives for better or for worse.

Married At First Sight Spoilers – Decision Day

Myrla and Gil may seem like opposites on the outside but on the inside, they have a lot in common. They have very different ideas about what to spend their money on and she worries that he may not be able to enjoy the finer things in life like her. Gil says the first thought he had when she walked down the aisle is how beautiful she was. She was negative with her mindset but turned around. It took a while for Gil to get his first kiss, but at Decision Day, they have consummated their marriage. They sit in front of the experts and are ready to give their decision.

Myrla says the wedding day was terrible, it was too much, she doesn’t like meeting new people, but it was worth the sacrifice to meet her personally. She wanted to take things slow because she wanted to get to know him as a person. Pastor Cal notices that Myrla is not wearing her wedding ring, she tells him that she doesn’t like it. Then they speak about her mood, Gil tells her that her negativity brings her down, she says she is working on it. They talk about money, he says she is money-driven and he is not. She says money worries her because they don’t align on what they want for their family. If he had a choice, Myrla says he would live in a box. He says he would, but it is not what he shoots for.

Married At First Sight Updates – Moving Forward

Do they want to stay married or get a divorce? Myrla says she really enjoys being with him every day, she is genuinely happy. When she is moody and frustrated, he doesn’t hold it against her. Based on the past eight weeks, she wants to stay married to her husband. Gil’s turn, he says that the last few weeks have been a growing experience, he has enjoyed them.

But, they are two different people when it comes to what drives them, and her moodiness affects him. But, he is in love with her, he loves her passion, he respects her hustle. He wanted someone to test and push him and with her, that would be an everyday thing. With that, he wants to stay married.

They are both excited to experience life together and their own pace that they can build from there.

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