Married At First Sight Spoilers: Johnny Lam Excluded From Brotherhood

Married At First Sight Johnny Lam

Married at First Sight spoilers and updates tease that in most seasons the cast of MAFS forges long-time friendships that continue after the seasons’ air.

Season 13 has brought us five eligible bachelors who were matched on MAFS; Zack Freeman, Jose San Miguel, Jr, Johnny Lam, Gil Cuero, and Ryan Ignasiak. In a recent photo posted by Jose, four of the men were there, Johnny was visibly MIA.

Married At First Sight Spoilers – Who is Johnny Lam?

Johnny was matched with Bao Huong Hoang and when she walked down the aisle she recognized him because he had gaslighted her over a decade earlier. And now, Bao has wasted precious months in an emotionally abusive relationship only to find out that not only was her matched husband the enemy but so was her best friend of twenty years.

Johnny was so mean to Bao throughout this process that when he told Pastor Cal that he literally would have preferred being matched with almost anyone except her, right in front of her face, Pastor Cal proceeded to call him out on his meanness. And, even his family who heard his angry/sad/delusional pinings for a high school relationship and called him out on it!

And the problem the most disturbing thing about Johnny is the way he clenches his Jaw when Bao is speaking, he just looks like he is going to explode at any minute.


Married At First Sight Updates – Go, Go, Johnny, Lam

Fans are hoping the other MAFS men cut out Johnny after the show ended, “I hope they cut him off after watching the season and seeing how cruel he was to Bao. But he’s prob just taking the picture given how disappointing all of them are lol.” Or, maybe the rumors are true about Zack dating Boa after the episode aired and Johnny didn’t want to face him.

And more, “I hope they cut him off after watching the season and seeing how cruel he was to Bao,” and “I hope Karma catches up to Gaslight Johnny hard & fast. Bao isn’t perfect but seriously no one anywhere deserves to be treated like garbage.”

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