Married At First Sight Spoilers: Johnny Lam SHOCKED That He Doesn’t Hold All The Cards

Married At First Sight: Johnny Lam

Married at First Sight spoilers and updates tease that Johnny Lam was matched with Bao Huong Hoang on the thirteenth season of MAFS. At first, MAFS fans thought that these two would be a perfect match and really enjoyed their cultural ceremonial tea ceremony, along with the usual MAFS ceremony.

Married At First Sight Spoilers – Johnny Destroys Bao’s Happiness

At first, Bao was all into her marriage. She began married life doting on Johnny and doing anything she could to make him happy. But slowly, it was very clear to MAFS fans that Johnny was pretending in the early days and he was just not into Bao. Rewind fifteen years earlier and Johnny met Bao in college and she reminded him that back then, he ghosted her. That in itself should have been a clear indication that she should have turned around when she recognized him at the altar.

Fast forward a couple of weeks into the marriage and Jonny said that kissing Bao was like “kissing my sister.” He also told her that he hates when she is giddy about expressing joy, she looks immature. And, in session with Pastor Cal, he told him that he would have preferred being married to anyone else but her and that she was not a genuine person. Pastor Cal actually told him that he was mean and he is just trying to discredit his relationship by the things he is saying.

Married At First Sight Updates – Fast Forward To Decision Day

Johnny arrives first, then Bao in a drop-dead gorgeous red dress oozing confidence. In a surprise twist, Johnny decides that he wants to stay married and see if there is something actually there between the two of them. Thankfully, Bao wasn’t putting up with his manipulations any longer. And her turning his last-ditch effort at controlling her certainly made MAFS fans very happy. In fact, Bao was all class on Decision Day, she could have said a lot about how Johnny treated her but instead, she just gave her firm NO and Johnny look dumbfounded like he felt he was holding all the cards.

Well, if rumors are true hopefully Bao will be happy with Zach from MAFS season 13. Johnny on the other hand admitted to having over 100 first dates, now we can see why. Hopefully, he gets some help for his red-faced, vein-popping, fist-clenching anger before he gets into another relationship.

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  1. […] Johnny says that he felt like he couldn’t speak his mind. Early on he made an agreement with Bao that they would talk about things first off-camera, they had a lot. He wishes they had not done that, there is so much missing. She admits that she didn’t want to talk about her sex life, she has a family and a career and she doesn’t think that is wrong or calculating. He says she presents herself to look good; in fact, she called her fake several times and she says it was mean and unwarranted. […]

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