My 600-Lb Life Spoilers: Julian Valentine Update

My 600-Lb Life Spoilers: Julian Valentine UpdateMy 600-Lb Life spoilers reveal that fans are very concerned about how Julian Valentine is doing after being on the show. This show focuses on the lives of individuals who weigh close to or at 600 pounds. Dr. Now, the show’s doctor and surgeon, gives them advice on how to stay healthy and how to lose weight so that they can have weight loss surgery. The show is emotional, but Dr.Now pushes his patients to work hard on losing the weight that they need to.

Julian Update

When we first saw Julian on the show, he weighed close to 800 pounds! Our hearts went out to him because of everything that he had been through. In the first episode we find out that, “For Julian and his wife, Irma, it was love at first sight.

But in order to grow old together, Valentine will have to overcome the food addiction that made him weigh 830 pounds, and Irma will have to hold on no matter how difficultthe journey may become.”

Irma helped Julian with all of his daily activities and even his family was worried that he was headed to an early death because of how large he had become. He was put on a weight loss program by Dr. Now and in two months, things weren’t looking good for him. He had barely lost any weight and that was really upsetting Dr.Now and Irma.

Julian Prepares For Surgery

After a lot of changes, Julian ended up losing 136 pounds and Dr.Now felt that he needed to come to Houston in order to have the weight loss surgery. The sad part was that Julian just ended up gainging all the weight back, but Irma told him that she would go on the same diet plan with him and they would do this toegther. He then lost more weight and qualified for the weight loss surgery.

My 600-Lb Life Spoilers: Julian Valentine Update

What is Julian doing now? Irma and Julian are not on social media so it has been hard for fans to keep up with him. One fan did post a picture of them when they saw them out on a date! They said he looks good and looks like he can now do things on his own and doesn’t depend on Irma so much anymore.

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